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CREC Network Member Success Stories – October Update

Join us as we share the exciting achievements and stories from these amazing people who are shining bright in the world of cannabis nationwide! The CREC Network is abuzz with some fantastic news from our top members in the cannabis community. These incredible individuals have been on a roll, and we’ve managed to catch up […]

Canna Resource Corporation (CREC) and WeCannCa Inc. Merge Operations

Cannabis Real Estate Industry Leaders Strategically Positioned for Nationwide License Transactions. SANTA ANA, CA (August 28, 2022)– Canna Resource Corporation (CREC) and WeCannCa Inc. (WeCann) have merged operations to enhance their existing robust cannabis business, licensing, and real estate transactions platform.  The two proven industry leaders are strategically positioned to further increase client success rate in buying, […]

Upcoming California Cannabis Markets to Watch in 2023

Innovating into 2023 and beyond, CREC continues to evolve the industry with a range of services nationwide to support operators and landlords. To save your time and to better assist your cannabis business operation or expansion, we would like to provide you with these industry insights on California cannabis markets so you can make the […]

Mitch’s Picks – Upcoming California Retail Markets – Feb. 2022

Identifying upcoming California cannabis retail markets takes a lot of time and industry insight. It’s very important information for you to stay ahead of the curve and it will certainly benefit your business decisions when looking to expand operations over the next few years. CREC offers one stop shop consulting services nationwide from licensing, financing, […]

Mitch’s Picks – California Retail Opportunities

Identifying California cannabis market opportunities takes a lot of time and effort. It is the very important information for you to stay ahead of the curve and it will certainly benefit your business decisions.  CREC offers one stop shop consulting services nationwide from licensing, financing, compliance, legal, and more. Market research is one of the […]

Mitch’s Picks – Top 3 Open Market Opportunities for Cannabis – Nov. 21

Identifying new and emerging cannabis market opportunities takes a lot of time and effort. It is the very important information for you to stay ahead of the curve and it will certainly benefit your business decisions.  CREC offers one stop shop consulting services nationwide from licensing, financing, compliance, legal, and more. Market research is one […]

Cannabis Crop Insurance: Tales of Gratitude or Regret

This enlightening story was written by, Taylor Arvayo, of Teague Insurance, CREC Directory Partner. The article is intended to be a fun way to help you gain a better understanding of outdoor cannabis crop insurance coverage. Contact Taylor with any questions on your potential coverages and limit options.   Fred and John’s Cannabis Cultivation Dreams Once upon […]

How to Accept Credit Card Payments as a Cannabis Business | Webinar Featuring Integrity Payment Processing

Learn your options for cannabis payment solutions, your current limitations, and most importantly how you can increase your revenue by up to 21% by offering a credit card payment method! Join our CREC Directory Partner, Integrity Payment Processing from June 30th, 2021, where we discussed the complicated question of “How can I accept credit cards?” […]

Cannabis Greenhouses: How to Setup a Commercial Grow Operation – Webinar Featuring GStar Global

This article will inform you of our best tips to setup a commercial cannabis greenhouse and explain the hidden elements that are necessary for long-term success and profitability. Setting up a grow operation is an expensive, competitive, and risky scenario. Growing cannabis successfully is complicated and growing at a large scale for your business, has […]

Costa Mesa, CA Cannabis Applications – Opening Very Soon!

Costa Mesa Applications Opening Very Soon – Let’s Work Together to Submit Yours! Costa Mesa will be one of the only cities in Orange County with adult-use cannabis available and therefore these licenses will be highly sought after. Get started on your application here. Latest Update on Costa Mesa Applications: Phase 1 retail applications August […]

BCC Letter for COVID-19 Compliance

Our clients have received a complaint and letter requesting video footage and SOPs, we wish to show you the contents to help you prepare for your own potential regulatory audit. Contact us at the end of this post with any questions we can answer on coronavirus / COVID-19 compliance preparedness as a cannabis business. In 2020, […]

Example Notice of Non-Compliance after Cannabis Inspections

The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has recently been conducting environmental compliance cannabis inspections on all licensed activities. If you are a licensed cultivator, processor, or nursery operator, NOW is a good time to revisit all of the SOPs, diagrams and documentation submitted to the CDFA. On-site compliance inspections review all facets of […]

Mexico – Cannabis Regulations, Applications and Legalization Info

Mexico has quickly become a big opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs globally! The regulations and details for the Federal Law for the Regulation of Cannabis in Mexico a.k.a. cannabis legalization, are still being defined and we will keep this blog post updated as we learn more from Mexico’s lower house of Congress. Read on for our […]


San Diego, CA February 23, 2021:  In a first for the cannabis zoning and real estate sector, a San Diego based specialized real estate services company has launched a digital mapping system to help its agents find available properties and licensing opportunities, filtered by region and regulations instantly, with real-time data. Cannabis Real Estate Consultants […] Interview – Featuring Erich Rubio and Miklos Campuzano

Recently Erich Rubio, CEO and Miklos Campuzano, Managing Director of CREC, were interviewed by Joe Killinger to explain the company’s large growth with new abilities to support real estate agents getting into the cannabis space. Joe takes the perspective a real estate agent and investor to dig into the real details. Learn more about how […]

Outsourced Cannabis Compliance Officer Services (CCO)

Over the years, our compliance team and its principals have secured hundreds of operating cannabis licenses in all available verticals. As these companies become operational they frequently face regulatory audits by local and state administrators. No doubt these companies frequently provide valuable tax revenues and so at some level the regulators have no interest in […]

Cannabis M&A: Expert Advice for Buyers and Sellers | Webinar with Armanino LLP

This article is written for cannabis business owners, investors, and entrepreneurs to learn the intricacies of cannabis business mergers and acquisitions. Our in-depth guide will help you prepare for your future involvement in M&A deals, regardless of the industry. To begin, M&A (merger & acquisitions) is a deep subject for any traditional business…. Add in the […]

Riverside City and County – Cannabis Applications, Licensing and Regulations

Applications for cannabis licenses in Riverside City will be coming soon! Update 1/23/22 – The city will have several future updates we will continue to update in this blog, as the planning commission and city councils meet later this month. Riverside City, located in California’s Inland Empire region and the county seat of Riverside County, is […]

Top Reasons Why Cannabis Applications Fail – Webinar Recording

“Most of you have heard of MedMen, this is a giant within the industry. So how is it possible that something so large, could have overlooked something so important, as a change in ownership on their license application?” – Jared Younker In this webinar recap, we would like to extend our knowledge of the road […]

City of Los Angeles, CA – Cannabis Applications, Regulations, and Processing Period – Now Open!

Application Processing Period Open Now for Delivery, Distribution, Non-Volatile Manufacturing & Testing Lab Commercial Cannabis Activity! The City of Los Angeles, CA has just opened a cannabis application acceptance window. Applications for cannabis land-use and cannabis permitting are now being accepted. Let’s get you started on the right foot! Effective Tuesday, October 20, 2020 at […]

How Cannabis Fires in Northwest Affect the Future of our Industry

The sunlight is muted, blocked out. Cannabis farmers are now desperately scrambling to save their flower, operations clearly at risk. It is a tough scene up in the Northwest for cannabis businesses. Our CREC associate Ben Goldman, Regional Director Broker Services In Northern California, explains his perspective on what this means for the future and […]

Corona, CA Cannabis Regulations – License Application Support & Custom Regulatory Maps Now Available!

NEW UPDATE ON CORONA CANNABIS REGULATIONS BELOW – Applications Accepted Soon! The city of Corona, CA is in the process of developing an ordinance that, if passed, will allow for cannabis retail, delivery, manufacturing, distribution, and testing labs within the city’s manufacturing zones. This is a huge opportunity to learn the Corona, CA cannabis regulations […]

Cannabis Business Valuations: How to Value a Dispensary, Startup, or Other Canna Brand

Cannabis business valuations are an important area of expertise for entrepreneurs to understand at any time during their business ownership, but most importantly at the beginning! While the methods of determining a valuation may not vary too much, what you do as a business owner can make a big difference along the way. Read more […]

CREC Directory Press Release: Court Decision Limits Criminal Exposure of Licensed Cannabis Operators

Lake Forest, Ca. May 15, 2020 – News outlets throughout Southern California recently reported the confiscation of millions of dollars in cannabis oil and the possible arrest of multiple licensed cannabis operators in Santa Barbara County (Los Angeles Times February 14 “Cannabis Farm was model for California’s licensed legal industry”).

Legal Cannabis: The Unsung Hero of Quarantine in America

With social distancing and staying inside a new normal; how have American cities and citizens responded at a socioeconomic level with legal cannabis? Read our analysis from review of industry insiders, recent news articles, and our interactions with our clients. It is clear that cannabis is an essential item for the American people and now […]

COVID-19 & Impact on The Cannabis Industry | Webinar Recap

Featuring Larry Horwitz, President of CREC Compliance, you will get a first hand discussion and Q/A for the issues presented by the current changes to business operations so you can navigate more successfully! This webinar discussed the issues related to the virus and how it affects the cannabis industry for you to be prepared: what […]

City of Fresno Cannabis Regulations – Webinar & Regulatory Map Now Available!

The City of Fresno has just passed an ordinance that will allow for cannabis retail. Fresno is one of the largest cities in California with limited access to legal cannabis products. The population of approximately 527,000 is located in the Central San Joaquin Valley and over the next 25 years, the population is expected to […]

Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for Cannabis Property Licensing

Conditional Use Permits are required for most municipal cannabis licensing programs. By obtaining a CUP for your property, you’re not only increasing its value, you’re shortening the timeline in which a future cannabis operator can qualify for licensing.

QR Code Requirements for California Cannabis Retailers by BCC

“The proposed regulations will help consumers avoid purchasing cannabis goods from unlicensed businesses by providing a simple way to confirm licensure immediately before entering the premises or receiving a delivery,” said Bureau Chief Lori Ajax.

The New Consolidation of 3 California Cannabis Licensing Authorities by Governor Newsom

Cannabis regulations are constantly changing and the government formed regulation enforcement bodies are also evolving alongside them. Learn more about the recent updates in California and our preliminary predictions of how it all may affect your future operations for taxes, ownership, and business management in this article. In the current scenario, the Bureau of Cannabis Control […]

California Overrides Section 280E Expenses Tax Code with Law AB37

Cannabis businesses face expensive issues at every turn before tax season, but now businesses are receiving massive tax bills due to an old IRS tax code that will not allow the business to make certain deductions. Learn more in this article on the status of Section 280E and how California has passed Law AB37 to override […]

Sale-Leasebacks & Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) in Cannabis Explained

Pay attention to this new trend! Sale-leasebacks are creating many successful agreements between investor and operator. Due to a severely limited supply of viable cannabis zoned locations, there is now an extraordinary opportunity for commercial real estate investors looking to capitalize on a thriving new industry. This also has created a large opportunity for the […]

8 States on our 2020 ‘Canna-Watch’ List

At the dawn of a new decade, cannabis policy in the United States is beginning to gain legitimate traction with state and municipal legalization on both medicinal and recreational fronts. In this article, we’ve compiled our top 8 states to watch in 2020! Our highlight of 2019 was that Illinois made headlines with the passage […]

BCC Sends Warning Letter to Landlords of Illegal Cannabis Businesses

Landlords may personally be subject to criminal and civil penalties for allowing illegal cannabis activity to occur on their property. Read this article to learn more about recent happenings that may affect landlords of cannabis business operations both legally and illegally. The penalties are steep and the Bureau is quick to act, so ensure you […]

MORE Act: House Committee Passes Cannabis bill, But Obstacles Remain!

Marijuana decriminalization supporters got a boost in the House on Wednesday when that body’s Judiciary Committee passed a bill that could decriminalize the drug at the federal level. This would clear the way for states to tailor more of their own regulations on the subject. This article is written by our cannabis compliance team as […]

Free Seminar | Cannabis Real Estate in LA and SD – Nov. 14 & 15

Our free seminar is a MUST ATTEND event for any agent or broker who is involved, or wants to be involved, in this lucrative industry. We will be discussing how agents utilize advanced mapping technology, property databases, compliance analysis, and location due diligence to find compliant properties.

Illinois Adult-Use Cannabis License Application Details & FAQs

This CREC Compliance analysis, presents the findings of weeks of due diligence on the new regulations for Illinois’ Adult-Use Cannabis License Program under HB 1438 to help you get your application approved.

CREC Acquires the Compliance Division of ManifestSeven, Inc. / MJIC

We’ve worked with M7 compliance for a number of years and are excited to now provide a suite of brokerage, technology, compliance services, and products to the legal cannabis industry.

Leaseback or 1031 Exchanges to Fund Cannabis Business Operations

Learn the details of how you can use a 1031 exchange or sale-leaseback to purchase a property or create new capital for your business to grow.

Cannabis Supply Chain and Production Management Issues (Diagram)

See our new diagram of the cannabis supply chain and learn more about the status of its evolution in California. Learn how you can use our market insights to your business’s advantage!

The Battle for Cannabis Dispensary Licenses in California Explained

The most valuable cannabis license in California is Retail. Do you know why? It basically comes down to the economic principles of supply and demand. Out of 481 cities in California only 118 of these allow for recreational cannabis storefronts. This means as of February 2019 there is only 25% of jurisdictions in California currently […]

Hemp’s Past, Present, and Future in America

Learn why people are quickly learning about Hemp CBD products and how there will be a lot more products at gas stations, convenience stores, and other locations you may not expect, like CBD infused cocktails.

Understanding Cannabis Regulations: Los Angeles, Oakland, and Sacramento

This article will help you have a more clear understanding of how you can enter these jurisdictions. Understanding the regulations will lead to less headaches or lost funds in your application process. Learn about Los Angeles, Oakland, and Sacramento!

4 Steps You Must Follow In Your Cannabis Location Search

Learn the 4 steps everyone must follow before getting a property licensed for cannabis use. Dive in and take notes to save hours of your time in the future!

Will Cannabis Insurance Providers Protect My Business?

It may seem cost effective to skip business insurance, but this choice can have damaging consequences for businesses of any type. Unfortunately, cannabis businesses have even more risk when they don’t have the right coverage, so you MUST do the research.

Cannabis Consulting: Essential for Business Growth and Success

At any stage of business growth, a trusted partner can help you establish a budget, predict a timeline, find a legal property, secure permit & cannabis licenses, stay compliant with regulations, and establish long-term business planning.

Social Equity for Cannabis: Application Support & Educational Article

Interviews with the Department of Cannabis Regulations (DCR), local business owners, and very many long hours of regulations review led to this in-depth analysis of the L.A. Social Equity Program.

How to get into the Cannabis Industry

Learn your best path for getting hired in the ever changing cannabis/marijuana industry, challenges involved, cannabis job titles, and how to get an extra edge on other cannabis job seekers!

Why Investing in Cannabis is a Wise and Profitable Choice

Our best tips for investing in cannabis right now to find profitable opportunities. Learn how to invest safely in this predicted $50 Billion industry.

Cannabis Lease Agreements: 8 Tips To Remember For Success

Creating a cannabis lease agreement is not easy and these 8 professional tips will help you craft a better commercial agreement in the growing industry.

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