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Cannabis Zone Mapping & Nationwide Property Listings

CREC Portal is now the greatest advancement in cannabis real estate research tools, ever available to the public. Our research team has created a portal for access to the exact same research that is available to our agents. The information has taken years to compile and now you can access it. Read more below, use our regulatory map demo, and subscribe to get access to the mapping data.

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Bottomline: The CREC Portal gives you the same access to the tools and property lists we provide for our real estate agents & brokers. It is full of valuable data, maps, and research compiled into an easy-to-use interface for anyone to use for $250/month!

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View screenshots, demos, and more details about the massive time savings when using CREC Portal and CREC Network for research.

CREC PORTAL – Transact Business & Real Estate Deals In Days vs. Months!

Using this technology, our Agents/Brokers have gone from taking 6 months to close deals, to transacting on deals in as little as 4 days, and now are averaging 2 months for licensed transactions.

The many tools that we’ve built in the portal are based on years of our team’s in depth research on regulations. When combined with compliance services and the CREC Network, it has led to huge opportunities!

Join the portal for a low monthly fee and access the research and data we used to only have available for our agents.

Introductory Pricing:

  • Base Pricing for CREC Portal – $250/month
  • Add on Maps & Services Services Available A La Carte – $500-$5,000
  • CREC Network subscribers qualify for Discounts & Reseller Program to our Cannabis Regulatory Maps & Compliance Services as well through our portal.

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Get access to all the tools you need to successfully complete cannabis business & real estate transactions faster!

  • Interactive Research and Due Diligence Tools
  • Nationwide Business & Property Listings
  • Comparables for Cannabis Businesses and Real Estate
  • Cannabis Compliance Support
  • Network of Agents and Brokers Nationwide

Find properties for sale, for lease, leases expiring within a year, and off market with CREC Portal and Custom Regulatory Maps!

CREC Portal Monthly Access

3 Month Minimum

$250 / month
  • Includes CREC Network!
  • Cannabis Listings
  • Compliance Chat
  • Due Diligence Tools
  • Cannabis Comparables
  • Vet Property Details

Normal Rate: $500 / month

Cannabis Regulatory Maps Package!

Get a Quote for 3 month access + custom research
  • 3 Month Access to CREC Portal & CREC Network ($750 value for 3 month access at introductory rate of $250 / month)
  • Property Due Diligence Report
  • City Regulation Summary
  • City Market Analysis
  • Discount Compliance Services
  • Find properties for sale, for lease, leases expiring within a year, and off market.

Full Regulatory Map for City of your Choice – Know exactly where ALL the viable properties are for commercial cannabis in the area you choose.

CREC Portal Demo: Interactive Cannabis Regulatory Map

Your Go To Resource for Cannabis Real Estate!

How To Use: Click the CRE Market Analysis, Regulation Analysis, Regulatory Map and Cannabis Viable Areas tabs to see the incredible amount of information stored within this single dashboard.

Click To View Full Version (Best for viewing on mobile devices)

This demo map is an example of the tools that help property buyers save money and provide the confidence that the target property is eligible.

Access our internal research data, market information, and all the due diligence you need to share with a client on a specific jurisdiction. Most importantly you can also request the the actual properties that are compliant for purchase or lease. Cannabis licensing is already difficult and expensive, with our tools you can do the research and planning for any location in our database!


Your Go To Resource for Cannabis Real Estate!


When you join the CREC Network you will get a discount on the CREC Portal, Compliance Services and Custom Regulatory Maps. We provide an incredible amount of value for a low monthly fee. Contact us to learn more or get started.

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