The City of Fresno has just passed an ordinance that will allow for cannabis retail. Fresno is one of the largest cities in California with limited access to legal cannabis products. The population of approximately 527,000 is located in the Central San Joaquin Valley and over the next 25 years, the population is expected to grow to more than 970,000.

Read on to learn the details about the ordinance and how to get our Fresno regulatory map!


Watch Webinar – Fresno, CA Cannabis Workshop & Application Seminar

On 4/30/20 we hosed an online cannabis application workshop to meet Miguel Arias City Council, President City of Fresno for an educational workshop and Q/A.

In this webinar, you can see behind the scenes with CEO of Cannabis Real Estate Consultants Erich Rubio & Chief Compliance Officer of CREC Compliance Jared Yonker, describe how our agents and compliance team uncover hidden opportunities in emerging markets, FIRST!


Does this mean they are accepting applications? No, not yet, but this is a great time to look for a viable property to submit your application for a license in Fresno.


What Happens Next in Fresno, CA?

Fresno City Council president Miguel Arias said – “We’re going to study the traffic impact, the neighborhood impact, air quality of this industry from a city-wide perspective. Every business will have to address and mitigate those concerns at the time they apply for their application,”. We’re not going to make a decision until those applicants are scored with the rules that we set and they pass a background check that we expect from owners and operators.”


Amendment No. P19-02978 – Evaluating the Proposed Regulation and Permitting of Commercial Cannabis Activities

Cannabis Uses: Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution (Cannabis Innovation Zone)
Cap: 16 (8 permitted within Cannabis Innovation Zone). No specific number of each type of business is required so long as the total number of commercial cannabis business permits issued for all three business types does not exceed a total of sixteen (16).  There is potential to add 7 additional retailers (1 additional per Council District) upon Council Resolution.


What is a Cannabis Innovation Zone in Fresno?

Cannabis Innovation Hub buildings are the name of properties within the outlined Cannabis Innovation Zones. With research you can find the location of these light industrial and heavy industrial zonings for cannabis businesses. They are generally an area bound by different road ways to create an opportunity zone.

You can find out the exact opportunity zones and available properties by using the CREC Portal & Network.


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Example of Regulatory Map and Market Analysis

Get the same data for Fresno as shown here in the regulatory map of Emeryville!

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What is CREC Portal & CREC Network?

The CREC Network is our new platform developed to support cannabis industry professionals by providing the necessary resources to identify, structure, and close real estate, licenses, and business opportunity acquisitions.


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