Maryland Real Estate & Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis Status: Opened Nov 13, 2023

The state of Maryland is set to open for adult use licensing this fall in November with its first ever adult use license lottery. Not only is Maryland a fresh untapped adult use market, every single jurisdiction will be open for cannabis uses. Unlike most other states, local jurisdictions do not have the authority to ban cannabis uses, so that means every city and town will be available for you to pursue a cannabis license if you win in the lottery!

Our experienced team of experts have researched every component of the state’s regulations, demographics, taxes and more to help you find the best compliant property in the state.

This first round of licensing will be available exclusively to social equity candidates, so reach out to us today to see if you qualify for one of these valuable early license opportunities. The Maryland Cannabis Administration anticipates it will announce a second round of cannabis lotteries, open to the general public in May of 2024.

Name: Maryland
Population: 6,165,000
Median Income: $108,200
Cannabis Uses: Grower, Processor, Dispensary, Incubator Space License, On- Site Consumption
State Cannabis Overview: Located centrally between our nation’s capital in DC, and state’s with limited cannabis access like Virginia, and Pennsylvania, Maryland is home to some of the most important landmarks in America’s history. Maryland’s location between the Chesapeake Bay and Atlantic Ocean make it a hub of trade and commerce with strategic seaports and famous seafood cuisine. The state will soon also be known for its cannabis, as its first adult-use cannabis lottery will open at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (EST), November 13, 2023, and close at 5 PM EST on December 12, 2023.

Maryland Cannabis & Commercial Real Estate Research

The Maryland Cannabis Administration (MCA) and the Office of Social Equity (OSE) have released the eligibility criteria to be considered a social equity applicant for the upcoming Fall 2023 Cannabis License Application Period ( Maryland’s first round of adult-use licensing will be limited to qualified social equity applicants and the release of the social equity criteria allows potential applicants to start the process of establishing their qualifications.

Eligible social equity applicants must satisfy one or more of the following criteria:

  • Lived in a Disproportionately Impacted Area for five of the last 10 years immediately preceding the submission of the application;
  • Attended a public school in a Disproportionately Impacted Area for at least five years (OSE also provided the lists as PDFs: public schoolshigher education institutions, and zip codes); or
  • For at least two years, attended a four-year institution of higher education in the State where at least 40% of the individuals who attend the institution of higher education are eligible for a Pell Grant.

A map of the Disproportionately Impacted Areas in Maryland, along with a list of qualifying Maryland schools and institutions of higher education, is available on the OSE’s website.

The OSE also announced the creation of the Social Equity Verification Portal for individuals interested in pursuing a cannabis business license, which will allow prospective applicants to confirm their social equity status before the license application round opens later this year. The portal will open on September 8 and will be open for 60 days, closing on November 7.

  • You must request a link to the Social Equity Verification Portal from the MCA by completing this form: Cannabis Business Licensing Interest Form.
  • prospective applicants must verify themselves in the portal before the application period opens.

COMING SOON: With the social equity criteria now released, the next step is for the MCA to release the license applications and announce the opening and closing dates for the Fall 2023 Cannabis License Application Period. We expect that announcement to come as soon as next week.

Uses: Grower, Processor, Dispensary, Micro Grower, Micro Processor, Micro Dispensary,  Incubator Space License, On- Site Consumption


  • Standard licenses: 75 grower licenses; 100 processor licenses; and 300 dispensary licenses;
  • Micro licenses: 100 grower licenses; 100 processor licenses; and 10 dispensary licenses;
  • Incubator space licenses, 10 licenses;
  • On–site consumption licenses, 50 licenses.

A list of how many licenses will be allowed in each county can be found here.

Distance Requirement: The Cannabis Reform Act established certain restrictions on dispensary locations specifically: a licensed dispensary may not locate within 500 feet of a pre-existing primary/secondary school in the State, a licensed child care center, registered family child care home, playground, rec center, library, or public park; OR 1,000 feet from another licensed dispensary.

Note: Local jurisdictions (political subdivisions) are not allowed to ban cannabis uses. Local jurisdictions can lower the distance requirements from the state standard setback distances, but they may not decrease them or place additional setback restrictions.

Applicant Verification

The MCA opened the Social Equity Verification Portal on September 8, to allow individuals to confirm their eligibility as a social equity applicant prior to the beginning of the licensing round. The portal will be open for a period of 60-days, closing on November 7. To request a link to this portal from the MCA, you must first complete this form: Cannabis Business Licensing Interest Form.

More information on the verification process can also be found here: Social Equity Verification ​and by referencing this guide: Maryland Social Equity Cannabis Verifica​tion A Guide for Applicants

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