The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) provided public notice of proposed emergency cannabis regulations on Thursday, January 23rd.

The proposed regulations would make it mandatory for all California cannabis businesses to post their unique Quick Response Code (QR Code) certificate in storefront windows, and carry a physical copy while transporting or delivering cannabis.


BCC Will Act Quickly! So Should You!

The BCC will file the emergency regulations with the Office of Administrative Law following the required minimum five-working day notice to the public. If enacted, swift compliance will be imperative, so preparing now will insure there are no hiccups.


QR Codes: A Straightforward Solution

Any smartphone will simply scan the QR Code, which forwards the device to the BCC’s online license search tool. The tool will confirm the status of the state cannabis license (no such tool exists for validating municipal licenses yet), and display the retailer’s address and license location. You can also go to to check if a retailer is legitimate.

By helping the BCC identify potential illegal cannabis retail locations, products and counterfeit licenses, which have become an increasing concern, consumers can make safer, more confident cannabis purchases. 

Example of advertisement by BCC about and QR scanning.


Public Health and Safety Comes to a Head

As of November 12, 2019, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has recorded 163 cases of Vaping-Associated Pulmonary Injury in the state of California.

CDPH has been able to survey 86 of these individuals. Of the individuals interviewed, 71 of the 86 individuals (83%)  reported consuming vaping products containing THC.

Of the 71 that consumed vaping products containing THC, only one individual reported buying THC vaping products from retailers licensed by the Bureau. The other 70 individuals surveyed reported buying THC vaping products from unlicensed sources. Some manufacturers operating outside of the licensed cannabis industry have resorted to cutting their oils with agents that, when vaporized, can lead to various lung complications. 

From these studies, it has been determined that the risk of harm to the public is greater from the use of THC vaping products obtained from unlicensed sources.

As such, recent raids on unlicensed retailers have yielded an increasing amount of black market vape cartridges. Since these cartridges are not manufactured by licensed operators, the layer of safety implemented by the mandatory testing of all cannabis and cannabis products is absent. There is now a confirmed risk of purchasing outside of legal operations.


Ability to Quickly Verify Licensing Status Will Empower Consumers

“The proposed regulations will help consumers avoid purchasing cannabis goods from unlicensed businesses by providing a simple way to confirm licensure immediately before entering the premises or receiving a delivery,” said Bureau Chief Lori Ajax. “These requirements will also assist law enforcement in distinguishing between legal and illegal transportation of cannabis goods.”


The full text of regulations can be found here:


VIDEO: How-To-Scan A Cannabis Dispensary’s QR Code By Bureau of Cannabis Control



More Questions About QR Codes at Retailers?

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