Florida Real Estate & Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis Status: Medical Only (applications opening soon)

While major pushes to legalize adult use cannabis in Florida have gained massive popular support amongst the populace, attempts to pass any legislation in the state government has been faced with massive political roadblocks. Most recently, two separate citizen-led initiatives to place cannabis legalization on the 2022 ballot have been struck down by the State Supreme Court. As of this time, recreational cannabis remains illegal in the third largest state in the country.

Florida Update 2/8/23: Limited MMTC licenses will be available with the application window open from April 24th to 28th and up to 22 licenses with an application fee cost of $146,000.

Name: Florida
Population: 21.48 million
Median Income: $55,660
Cannabis Uses: Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers (vertically integrated), Labs

Florida Cannabis Overview: Currently, Florida requires all license types other than testing labs to be grouped into a single vertically integrated Medical Marijuana Treatment Center license. As of now only a small number of MMTC licenses have been awarded and the state is not currently accepting applications for new licensees.

Are you ready to join the thriving cannabis industry in Florida?

Don’t miss your chance to secure one of the limited MMTC licenses available! The cannabis application window will be open from April 24th to 28th, offering up to 22 licenses to ambitious entrepreneurs. At a cost of only $146,000, the application fee is a small investment for the potential rewards of operating in this exciting market. Take advantage of this opportunity to establish your presence in Florida’s thriving cannabis industry and secure your future success.

Florida Cannabis & Commercial Real Estate Research

Miami Updates – We expect the medical marijuana ordinance on the agenda for the February meeting. The first step is very important. You must apply for a zone check with the city’s zoning administrator to show the proposed location is properly zoned and outside of any setback restrictions. If found to be in a compliant location, you receive a reservation letter that keeps your right to that spot for 3 months. There is a 1 mile setback between dispensaries, so this keeps anyone else from getting a reservation in a 1 mile radius for that time. This makes finding and sourcing your property extremely important!

Florida currently only allows medical patients with the following medical conditions: Cancer, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, Crohn’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis (MS), Medical conditions of the same kind or class as or comparable to those above, Post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD), Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), a terminal condition diagnosed by a physician other than the qualified physician issuing the physician certification , chronic nonmalignant pain caused by a qualifying medical condition or that originates from a qualifying medical condition and persists beyond the usual course of that qualifying medical condition.

Uses: Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers, Labs

Distance Requirements: Set by local jurisdiction.

Caps: Florida is currently not accepting applications for new MMTC applicants. However once the number of active qualified patients added to the medical marijuana use registry increases from 20,000 to 100,000, four additional MMTCs will be allowed within six months. For every 100,000 patients, four new facilities will be licensed.

Tax Rate: 6% state sales tax, plus any local tax

Requirements in the Medical Marijuana Treatment Center License Application Form DH8052-OMMU

Each batching cycle will be announced with a separate rulemaking that will include application dates and the number of licenses to be awarded in that batching cycle, Unawarded Licenses May Be Made Available in Future Cycles

Contact Us for Information on the Rules, Instructions, and Requirements in the Medical Marijuana Treatment Center License Application Form DH8052-OMMU

An application for MMTC licensure will be considered only for the batching cycle in which it is submitted, meaning that if an applicant is unsuccessful they will need to reapply in future batching cycles to be considered again. (Applicants who previously applied as part of the Pigford/BFL batching cycles may apply to have their application fee transferred for a new application)

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Rule Chapter: 64-4 Rule Chapter: 64-4Chapter Title: COMPASSIONATE USE


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