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Whether you’re looking for a safe warehouse, a large industrial space, the perfect greenhouse for your marijuana grow business, wide open farms, or beautiful ranches on acreage designed for 420-friendly lots, we can help your search to find mmj grow space to rent or for sale!

We search for both indoor and outdoor cultivation properties zoned for cannabis use.

All of our industrial properties have been vetted by our talented consultants to assure the highest quality land for sale, is ready just for you. We have clients looking for just a weed farm for sale or an mmj grow space but we prefer to call it cannabis farms for sale. Connect with us to meet 420 friendly warehouse owners and other marijuana farms for sale.

Please sign up as a buyer if you are interested. Here are the 2 common ways of cultivation.


You need a beautiful, wide open space for your grow business, perhaps on a farm or ranch located in a place perfectly compliant for marijuana cultivation. Finding cannabis and hemp land for sale can be extremely time-consuming and sifting through thousands of listings for greenhouses can be confusing and stressful.


Knowing which land would be perfect for your needs is an important factor when looking to buy cannabis lots for sale. We assure our clients that each outdoor property you view meets all state qualifications that make it eligible for cultivation. Allow us to help you search for your perfect outdoor property for your expanding cannabis cultivation business.


Indoor cultivation of marijuana is quickly becoming the most popular way to grow. Industrial warehouses are in high demand due to the ability to control every aspect of your grow business by turning them into industrial greenhouses.


Imagine a beautiful empty, blank space. Industrial properties for cultivation of indoor-grown cannabis allows for more control over your product, limiting the amount of variables that could disrupt a grow cycle, like bad weather, temperatures, animals and destructive bugs.

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Start your cannabis cultivation business in a large warehouse, open land, or cannabis farm!

Find the best place to start your cannabis cultivation business! Search through our inventory to find large warehouses, large acres vacant land, and more for your cannabis farm. We have the the best land for growing cannabis and all legal information you would need to get you started with your business. Let’s find you the best land to grow cannabis on!

Are you looking for available properties for a cannabis farm or a large warehouse near you? The easiest way in finding what’s the best land or property is on CREC, not only that we have a lot to offer, we are also employ a a team of professionals for commercial real estate and compliance service that will give you the options to find what you are looking for. Contact us and let’s find your green zone!


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