Maine Real Estate & Cannabis Regulations & Applications

Cannabis Status: Open

Maine voters approved the recreational use, retail sale and taxation of marijuana in November 2016. Over the next few years, legislators in the state worked on several iterations of LD 719—An Act To Amend the Adult Use Marijuana Law, before the Office of Marijuana Policy finally enacted the final version of the cannabis program on June 5, 2019.

The Office of Marijuana Policy is currently accepting applications for cultivation, manufacturing, testing and retail license types. While several nearby states have recently moved to legalize cannabis, Maine remains one of the only states in the region currently open for applications.

Name: Maine
Population: 1.344 million
Median Income: $57,918
Cannabis Uses: Marijuana Store License, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Testing, Sample Collector License

MaineCannabis Overview: The Office of Marjuana Policy began accepting applications for adult use cannabis businesses in 2020. The state is currently accepting applications for all license types.

Maine Cannabis & Commercial Real Estate Research

Uses: Marijuana Store License, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Testing, Sample Collector License

Distance Requirements: Maine has a default state setback requirement of 1000 feet from any school, public or private (although a municipality or the Maine Land Use Planning Commission may reduce the setback to no less than 500 feet).

License Types and Caps:

Retail: Until January 1, 2022, applicants may not have an interest or license for more than four marijuana stores

Cultivation: Applicants may not have a direct or indirect financial interest in more than three licenses. In most cases, they also may not have a financial interest in facilities with a combined canopy of more than 30,000 square feet.

All applicants for marijuana business licenses must:
with the exception of testing laboratories, be Maine residents if they are natural persons. If ownership is held by a business entity, all officers, directors, managers, and general partners must be residents and a majority of shares must be owned by residents. Any applicant that is a business entity must be incorporated in Maine;
be at least 21 years of age;
not have been convicted of a drug offense that carries a maximum penalty of a year or more, unless the person completed their entire sentence at least 10 years prior or the offense was for marijuana-related conduct that has been legalized;
not be employed by a state agency with a regulatory role;
not be employed as a law enforcement or corrections officer;
not have had a prior marijuana business license or medical marijuana ID card or license revoked; and
not owe outstanding court-ordered payments.

Tax Rate:

Excise tax: Cannabis will be taxed at the point of sale from a cultivator at these rates:
$335 per pound of marijuana flower or mature plants
$94 per pound of marijuana trim
$1.50 per immature marijuana plant or seedling
$0.30 per seed

Sales tax: At the point of sale, a 10% sales tax is imposed


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Office of Marijuana Policy Department of Administrative and Financial Services

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