Missouri Real Estate & Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis Status: Opening

Missouri is a state that is located in the Midwestern region of the United States. This state has a rich history and a diverse culture that attracts visitors and residents alike. With a population of approximately 6.16 million people, Missouri is a bustling and thriving state that is full of opportunity.

On Tuesday, November 8th, 2022, the citizens of Missouri voted in favor of a constitutional amendment that permits the recreational use of marijuana for individuals over the age of 18. Starting last December 8th, 2022, individuals residing in Missouri were able to legally possess and use cannabis for recreational purposes.

Name: Missouri
Population: 6,168,000
Median Income: $61,043
Cannabis Uses: TBD
State Cannabis Overview: Favorable legislation in the state has legalized medical cannabis, opening up opportunities for businesses to enter the market and provide safe and accessible products to patients. Missouri also boasts a large and populous consumer base for cannabis products, which can help businesses grow and expand. The cannabis industry has the potential to bring significant economic benefits to Missouri, such as job creation, tax revenue, and economic development.

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The Department’s conversion application process does not include a local zoning verification step. Adherence to local zoning regulations will need to be ensured following the conversion, and any changes to the zoning regulations will be handled on an individual basis during this transition period. The Article XIV includes provisions relating to the local zoning of comprehensive facilities, so it is advisable to contact your local government for guidance on any relevant zoning requirements.

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Tax Rate

Local jurisdictions in Missouri have a January 24th deadline to approve a cannabis tax ballot measure for the April election, adding an additional 3% local tax on top of the statewide 6% statewide sales tax. (4% for medical statewide tax)

St. Louis, chesterfield, Ballwin, Festus, Florissant, Kirkwood, Manchester, O’Fallon, Richmond Heights, and St. Ann are some cities with it on the ballot

State setbacks

Unless expressly allowed by the local government, no medical or marijuana facility, including any offsite warehouses, shall be sited, at the time of application for license, certification, or local zoning approval, whichever is earlier, within one thousand feet (1,000′) of any then-existing elementary or secondary school, daycare, or church.

Local control

No cities can opt out without a general election ballot measure during a presidential election year (starting 2024)

Application criteria suggested to be included by ordinance.

The application period has closed for medical cultivation, testing, manufacturing and dispensary license. Only applications for Seed to Sale and Transportation certifications are available for submittal.

Application forms and procedures for microbusiness lottery: The department will begin accepting microbusiness facility license applications on or before September 4, 2023. Application forms will be made available no later than June 6, 2023.

St. Louis








Richmond Heights

St. Ann

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