Applications for cannabis land-use and cannabis permitting are now being accepted in Riverside!

The County of Riverside, CA has just finalized the process of developing an ordinance that allows for cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, testing, retail and distribution within specific zones of Riverside County unincorporated properties.

Applications for cannabis land-use and cannabis permitting are now being accepted. Contact us and can answer any questions not answered in this blog post about new regulations.

Read below to learn more below about cannabis regulations and how CREC Compliance can give you a jump start. This is a huge opportunity to establish legal, licensed cannabis operations in a county booming with cannabis activity. Join the green rush in Riverside!


County of Riverside Overview

With a population of approximately 2.4 million residents, Riverside County is centrally located near the Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego County cannabis markets. Riverside County offers an exciting opportunity to serve as a centralized base for your Southern California operations. Riverside County residents have a median income of $56,592 a year.

Read on to learn the details of the upcoming ordinances and find out how you can get a head start on the competition by finding a qualified cannabis location in Riverside County.


About Updated Cannabis Ordinance 348 in Riverside County, CA

Made effective September 24, 2020, Ordinance 348 sets the following accepted county Cannabis Uses: Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, Cultivation, Nursery, Testing Labs.

Proposed Caps: No official limit on retail and cultivation licenses, county may decide on the number of applications to be accepted in each application period.

Read our summary below or read the full cannabis regulations on the Riverside planning department website.


Riverside Licensing Process and Fees

Riverside County’s cannabis licensing process requires the following applications and documentation (of course, you’ll need to submit an application for State license as well):

  1. Riverside County Conditional Use Permit Application
  2. Riverside County Cannabis Conditional Use Permit Application Addendum
  3. Riverside County Cannabis Permit Application

The cost of the above process is based on a Riverside County deposit based system.

The Conditional Use Permit Application with the above stated Cannabis Addendum and Application would require an initial deposit of $9,646.14 plus $5.10 per acreage of the lot or site. Riverside County estimates total fees to be an average of $15,000.00 to $30,000.00 for the process.

Additionally, through the process, a Development Agreement would be necessary which has a cost of $5,100.00 plus a non-refundable cost fee of $1,000.00 for a total of $6,100.00.

There may be more fees involved depending on your site and that activity desired.

All fees that Riverside County charges are deposit based and these fees may be higher or lower depending on the work to be performed by the County.


Cannabis Taxes in Riverside County

During the Development Agreement a County Public Benefit Fee (Tax) will be negotiated and assessed. This fee will be paid annually, separate from any sales tax receipts. Public benefit fees are charged for the cost of doing business in the county by the square foot.


License Type and Cannabis Taxes in Riverside (Public Benefit Fee)


Timeline for Cannabis Licensing in Riverside County

Based on our review of and discussions regarding Riverside County Ordinance 348, we have created the following timeline to illustrate the expected processes to take place during the application process.

Click to enlarge or download our full timeline of Riverside County cannabis licensing: 


Next Steps to Apply for Cannabis License in Riverside County – Contact Us!

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Riverside County, is a great opportunity for cannabis licensing!

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