Join us as we share the exciting achievements and stories from these amazing people who are shining bright in the world of cannabis nationwide!

The CREC Network is abuzz with some fantastic news from our top members in the cannabis community. These incredible individuals have been on a roll, and we’ve managed to catch up with them to get the lowdown on their latest successes. As the cannabis industry keeps growing and changing, our network members have been keeping busy, and we can’t wait to spill the beans on their recent wins.


Joel Goldman

Sales Associate
Nine Point Strategies

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Vertical Model Risk Merger

The ownership pool of independently operated ventures performing bottling + extraction, wholesale distribution, two dispensaries, and a separate nonstorefront delivery consulted with our agency in regards to their risk exposures and insurance policies. Through our guided approach, we were able to consolidate their Workers Comp into a joint master policy allowing for drastically reduced rates and simplified claims management. As a result, the 420 Central stores and their sister verticals experienced a premium savings of over 25% this year.


Ryan Dowse

Associate Agent

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Management Agreement

In this recent success story, we aided a delivery owner who was struggling with high expenses related to their spacious facility. To address this challenge, we introduced a practical solution—a management agreement, which can be likened to a sublease of an existing license. Essentially, the license holder (delivery owner) allowed another entity to utilize their license, sharing responsibilities such as rent, utilities, license fees, and even some operational support in exchange for a monthly fee.

The advantages were evident: the two parties shared the financial burdens of rent, utilities, and licensing fees, while the sub-licensee enjoyed the remarkable opportunity to legally sell cannabis without the usual complexities and delays associated with obtaining licenses and navigating complex real estate transactions. This strategic partnership not only reduced costs significantly but also accelerated entry into the lucrative cannabis market, enabling our client to seize opportunities promptly and efficiently.


Corbin Yaldoo

Founder/President | Corbco Ventures, LLC
Founder/President | C3 CRE, LLC
Founding Partner | Rair Capital, LLC

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Construction Loan for Cultivation Facility

Rair Capital arranged a cannabis construction loan for a prominent cannabis cultivation company and a state of the art cultivation facility. The loan provided the necessary funding to complete the construction phase, including the installation of equipment, infrastructure, and other essential components required for the operation of the facility. Prior to working with Rair Capital, the client worked with four other lending companies, who were unsuccessful in arranging financing. Within 45 days of meeting Rair Capital, a loan for $1.395M was closed and funded.

Most Recent Nominations & Awards

Green Market Report Michigan Cannabis Award 2023

Corbin has recently been selected as a Winner of the prestigious 2023 Green Market Report Michigan Cannabis Award for Best Ancillary Service Provider. They will showcase our success in the upcoming featured spotlight on Green Market Report.

DBusiness Commercial Real Estate & Development Awards 2023

Corbin is currently a finalist for the DBusiness Commercial Real Estate & Development Awards 2023, specifically under the category of ‘Emerging Commercial Real Estate Professional of the Year Under 40’. He is set to be featured in their upcoming Nov/Dec issue. We will find out if he is a winner at DBusiness Breakfast Series – Commercial Real Estate Awards.



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