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How Can We Support Your Cannabis Business Transaction?

We offer cannabis business broker support, unlike any other business.

Our solution combines years of ongoing research, proprietary technology development, and a large database that can not be matched by other consulting firms. We are equipped with an experienced legal team to support with your compliance requirements and an extensive network to help you close the deal as a buyer or seller.

Currently, we have multiple clients and partners who are actively looking to acquire and strategically partner with multiple different uses in the cannabis supply chain.

Whether you are looking to acquire a business, license, or sell your own opportunity, we are interested to hear from you and learn more.

Get started by filling out this form and telling us more about your business transaction requirements. Our team we will be in touch to discuss your options further and create a future plan of action.

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There are a growing amount of cannabis business brokers available. We know that with our technology, growing network of professionals, and database of opportunities, we are confident that we can support your goals in the short and long term.

We have several partners ready to transact immediately. If your business is for sale, than we want to know and can potentially help you find that right buyer! We also have a large database of properties and cannabis businesses for sale, if you are searching. The CREC Network will acts as a cooperating broker and/or a finder for many other states, which allows CREC to operate as Cannabis Business Brokers and service clients across the country.

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