The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) has recently been conducting environmental compliance cannabis inspections on all licensed activities.

If you are a licensed cultivator, processor, or nursery operator, NOW is a good time to revisit all of the SOPs, diagrams and documentation submitted to the CDFA.

On-site compliance inspections review all facets of your operations to ensure that you are compliant and consistent with what has been submitted to the city and state regulating agencies. This article is to give you an example of the different issues you can fail an inspection for like weighing devices not sealed by the local county, multiple packages observed without UID, regalia a biofungicide, observed in pesticide/agricultural chemical storage cabinet, and more in the document below.

Read through and contact us at the end for support with your business to avoid issues with non-compliance.


Notice of Non-Compliance Letter from Agricultural Commissioner

After a recent inspection, a client received the following notice of non-compliance:

Be Proactive in Compliance To Avoid Stress

Proactive compliance measures ensure that your license is safeguarded from threats such as fines and license suspension. If you are not prepared, it can become a very big headache.

Inspections should be informative, not stressful! CREC’s mission is to enable licensed cannabis operators to focus on their operations with confidence.

Our team becomes your team, for businesses with or without existing compliance personnel.


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