Colusa, CA – Real Estate & Cannabis Regulations (City & County)

Though its population is relatively small, this rural county is fast becoming a hub for cannabis cultivation in California’s Central Valley. While the county does not allow for commercial uses in the unincorporated land under its jurisdiction, it has recently allowed the city of Colusa to annex a large portion of county land to be zoned for commercial cannabis uses.

The area making up the Colusa Industrial Park is available! Colusa is now a great opportunity for cannabis!

Colusa County, CA Cannabis & Commercial Real Estate Research

Colusa County and City may be small, but they are very cannabis friendly!

Our research team has compiled the data on both Colusa County and the City of Colusa for you to understand the basics of each region. Read about the Colusa regulations and find Colusa Cannabis Real Estate properties below. Please contact us for more advanced research, mapping, property suggestions, and emerging opportunities. We look forward to hearing from you and helping your business succeed in the cannabis industry.

City of Colusa, CA Regulations

Cannabis Status: Open

While the population of Colusa is extremely small, the city has fully embraced the cannabis industry. With generous tax rates, ongoing applications, and a variety of license opportunities, the city of Colusa is a great location to service the Northern Californian and Bay Area markets.  Recently, the City of Colusa completed a years long project of annexing several hundred acres of land on the outskirts of the city into its sphere of influence, and the new land will allow cannabis uses.

Name: Colusa, California
Population: 6,106
Median Income: $51,364
Cannabis Uses: Cultivation, Delivery, Manufacturing, Distribution, Testing, Microbusiness
Cannabis Overview: The city of Colusa is open for applications for all its cannabis use types.

Uses: Cultivation, Delivery, Manufacturing, Distribution, Testing, Microbusiness

Distance Requirement: Cannabis operations shall comply with the distance separation requirements from schools as required by state law. In addition, a cannabis manufacturing operation shall not be located within 1200 feet from any existing school or proposed school site as identified in the general plan.

Cap of Business: The City of Colusa has no set caps for cannabis businesses.

Tax Rate: Set by development agreement with the city.

Colusa County, CA Regulations

Cannabis Status: Closed

While the county of Colusa no longer allows commercial cannabis uses, it is a fantastic location for large scale hemp manufacturing or cultivation. The portion of the county that was previously zoned to allow commercial cannabis has been annexed by the City of Colusa and will now fall under its jurisdiction.

Name: Colusa County, CA
Population: 21,454
Median Income: $59,401
Cannabis Uses: None

Cannabis Overview: The county of Colusa no longer accepts applications for commercial cannabis uses.

Uses: Hemp Cultivation

Distance Requirements: A residential setback from an existing off-site residence owned and/or occupied by an inhabitant that is not associated with the cultivation operation as follows:
(1) Five-hundred-foot setback for less than ten acres of cultivated area;
(2) Seven-hundred-fifty-foot setback for ten acres to less than twenty acres of cultivated area; and
(3) One-thousand-foot setback for twenty acres or more of cultivated area.

Cap of Business: A maximum of twenty industrial hemp licenses or licenses totaling no more than three thousand acres shall be issued in any calendar year.

Tax Rate: Not yet set.


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