Kentucky Real Estate & Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis Status: Medical Only

Applications Open Between July 1st and August 31st, 2024

Kentucky will open its application period for initial medical cannabis business licenses from July 1st to August 31st, 2024. The state plans to issue a range of licenses, including 10 Tier 1 Cultivator licenses, 4 Tier 2 Cultivator licenses, 2 Tier 3 Cultivator licenses, 10 Processor licenses, and 48 Dispensary licenses, with no limit on Safety Compliance Facility licenses. The licensing process will be managed on a regional basis, with specific caps set for the number of licenses available in each region. If the number of complete applications received exceeds the number of licenses available, the state will employ a lottery system to allocate licenses. Additionally, all applicants must provide a physical address for their business and furnish appropriate documentation, such as a deed or lease, to demonstrate authorized use of the property. Given this real estate requirement, prospective applicants are advised to start securing suitable locations immediately.

Name: Kentucky
Population: 4,509,000
Median Income: $60,183
Cannabis Uses: Cultivator, Processor, Producer, Dispensary, Cannabis safety compliance facility
State Cannabis Overview: Kentucky is poised to begin medical marijuana sales at the start of 2025. State agencies recently released a first round of regulations for the industry and information on an application process will be forthcoming in the near future.

Kentucky Cannabis & Commercial Real Estate Research


Cultivator, Processor, Producer, Dispensary, Cannabis safety compliance facility

Distance Requirements:

Cannabis businesses will be required to be located further than 1,000 feet from an existing elementary or secondary school or a daycare center and may be subject to additional restrictions by local governments. The Kentucky Medical Cannabis Program is providing a zoning tool to assist proposed  cannabis businesses, local governments, and citizens with evaluating where cannabis businesses may be located. The tool can be found here​.

License Types and Caps:

What is a cultivator? – A cultivator is a business that plants, cultivates, harvests, trims, and
stores cannabis seeds, seedlings, plants, or raw plant material.

What is a processor? – A processor is a business which prepares, manufactures, and packages
medical cannabis products.

What is a producer? – A producer is a business which is both a cultivator and a processor.

What is a dispensary? – A dispensary is a retail location where medical cannabis products are sold.

What is a cannabis safety compliance facility? – A cannabis safety compliance facility is responsible for testing medical
cannabis products produced in Kentucky to ensure those products are safe for consumption and use.

There is no numerical limit on the number of any of the types of businesses

Tax Rate: $3.50 per gram on marijuana, loose. $1,000 per marijuana plant. $200 per gram controlled substance by weight. $2,000 per 50 dosage units of controlled substance.

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