Cannabis Real Estate Consultants, Inc. (“CREC”), a leading real estate and business opportunity brokerage and technology company headquartered in San Diego, California, announced that it has recently acquired the compliance division of ManifestSeven, Inc., a leading distribution and retail operator in California.

Rick Payne, of CREC stated, “We have worked with the M7 compliance personnel for a number of years and are excited about the strategic benefits of now providing a fully integrated suite of brokerage, technology and compliance services and products to the legal cannabis industry. CREC is now positioned to expand its operations across all legal cannabis jurisdictions and we will update the marketplace as this growth continues.”

CREC will now be deploying into the marketplace through three integrated divisions:

(a) CREC Brokerage: providing traditional buy and sell side brokerage services to the legal cannabis industry;

(b) CREC Technology: providing technology solutions generating accelerated identification of real estate and business opportunities in existing and newly developing jurisdictions; and

(c) CREC Compliance: providing products and services addressing all regulatory challenges facing cannabis operators, including general consulting, license applications and acquisition/financing structure and assistance.


Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 1. Will you help with my license application?

    Yes! That is one of our top requested services.

    The application process is long and expensive. It also varies county by county and that adds extra complications. It is essential that you find a professional compliance partner you can trust along the journey. Read more about our California Cannabis Compliance Services.


  • 2. What areas of the world does your compliance division cover?

    Our team specializes in California Cannabis Compliance and tend to be the most knowledgeable about California regulations. We do have experience throughout the United States and Canada. With our several referral partners, we will help you find out the information you need to be successful.

    Always do research on your own to become familiar and also find a trusted compliance partner as you grow alongside the changing laws.


  • 3. How do I ask a question or schedule a consultation about my business compliance?

    Use this link to schedule a time with our compliance division.

    We will follow up with you to get more information and schedule a time for our call after you have filled out the form completely. Using the form allows us to collect the necessary information to do our research before the call and make the most of everyone’s time.

    If you have a question, send it to us and we can quickly answer it. Our team is very busy and we will do our best to answer your question quickly, but it may take us up to 3-4 business days to give you feedback. More detailed questions may be subject to billable hours and paid consulting efforts. The first consultation is always complementary.


  • 4. Will you perform an audit on my business operations?

    Yes! We often recommend an audit service to our clients for its ability to find issues before they become a big problem.

    Using a professional and unbiased third party will help you prepare for success as your business grows within the cannabis industry.

    Contact our CREC Compliance Division for more information.


  • 5. What budget should I expect to start a cannabis business?

    $100,000 to $500,000; depending on if you want a business that needs a license and the county you want to be located in, that cost can go significantly higher!

    We always suggest more since there are plenty of unexpected costs along the way. It is best to have an investor, rather than try to bootstrap the costs on your own.


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Services for Compliance at Any Stage of Business Growth

Cannabis compliance is the key to a long-term competitive advantage in the industry!

Use this form to schedule your cannabis consultation with our new CREC Compliance division to receive valuable feedback on your operations and how our new division can bring your business more success.


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