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Select one of the many ways CREC can support your efforts as a cannabis oriented business. Click the drop downs and quick links to find a solution where the CREC Network can immediately support your opportunities to buy, sell, invest, research, and operate cannabis real estate.

Buyers / Property Search

Buy/Lease Property

Send in your buyer criteria and search our matching tool to find all potential matches from our database of years of research. Let’s find the right property and get your deal done!

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Search for Property on Own

If you want to search our entire database of properties, sign up to join the CREC Network and you’ll receive access to the CREC Portal. The data you will find is incredible!

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List of Seller Matches

Use our algorithm to filter through our database of properties to find your match. With the combination of our #1 ranking organic global traffic, our proactive outreach and network member’s requirements we have one of the largest and most detailed seller databases in the world.

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About CREC Network


We offer many types of deals for buyers and Sale-Leasebacks is a very popular deal for operators who own to access capital and for buyers to access property without the business operations.

Learn more about Cannabis Sale-Leasebacks

Invest in Cannabis

We have a variety of cannabis investment opportunities. Tell us more about your investment interests or read this blog on investing in cannabis to learn more about your options.

Read blog on Investing in Cannabis.

Talk to an Agent

Reach out to speak with our licensed cannabis real estate brokerage about your buyer requirements.

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Sell Property / License

Sell Property

Add your property to our Cannabis Listing Service and work with our brokerage team to sell your listing. Send your details to help us decide your next options.

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Sell License

Let’s get your license sold at the right price! Reach out to speak with our cannabis experts and receive valuable advice from our CREC Network Partners.

Broker Price Opinion

Contact us with details about your property and we will provide a broker price opinion to help you understand your potential listing price.

List of Buyer Matches

Use our database of buyers to find your match. With the combination of our #1 ranking organic global traffic, our proactive outreach and network member’s requirements we have one of the largest and most detailed buyer databases in the world.

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About CREC Network

List Property Online

It is FREE to add your cannabis property or business to our Cannabis Listing Service! Add your info to be available for matches with current or future buyers.

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Talk to an Agent

Reach out to speak with our licensed cannabis real estate brokerage about selling your property or license.

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Cannabis Licensing

Apply for License

Our compliance team is well versed on cannabis application processes and we are ready to support at any stage. Reach out and let’s discuss your licensing goals!

Conditional Use Permit

Licensing starts with a Conditional Use Permit (or CUP) for your selected property. CUPs warrant higher rents and asking prices. They are a solid way to increase your property’s attractiveness and maximize its value for a cannabis business.

Apply with CREC Compliance

Outsourced Compliance Officer

Hire our elite team to be your outsourced compliance department. Read more in this article and contact us to discuss how our service operates.

Compliance Audit

Work with our CREC Compliance team to determine your current status and compliance with regulations. Get advice and support on how you can better comply with your municipality and state.

Social Equity Applicant

Social equity candidates are in high demand. If you’ve been arrested for cannabis, contact us to help get you involved in the cannabis industry with a reputable business!

Improve Local Regulations

Work with our government affairs team to create better opportunities before moving into municipality. You can move mountains with the right attitude. Contact us to find out how!

Legal Support

Our compliance team has a network of legal support and cannabis experts. Reach out for an introduction to our attorney partners Horwitz + Armstrong.

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Custom Maps & Research

Order Custom Maps

Each map showcases key locations for cannabis businesses by region. Maps provide all the information for a city or municipality. Discover viable properties for commercial cannabis businesses off and on-market, review regulation summary, read commercial real estate market analysis, and more!

Property Certification Report

Applying for cannabis licensing, but not sure if your property is eligible? This report allows an operator to clearly understand the requirements, cost and timeline to apply for municipal and state licensing.

Access Cannabis Real Estate Data

CREC Portal powered by the CREC Network is updated consistently with our research on regulations, viable properties, contacts, and opportunities. It is a world of data that continues to grow in value.

View Eligible Properties by City

Use our self serve platform, CREC Portal to research or have our team find out the eligible properties in a custom map report. Finding eligible properties is not easy, but we have create an advanced method of research where you will be ahead of your competition.

City Regulations Analysis

Gain all the details of a city’s cannabis regulations by working with CREC Compliance and the CREC Portal, which is first to be updated of regulations changes in our network. You can also read our blog posts about cannabis regulation updates

Find Emerging Markets

Access our team’s research and find upcoming markets that will be prime for opening your business. See our recommendations and be notified of emerging market opportunities.

General Business Support

Get Leads & Promote My Brand

Sign up for the CREC Directory to join our Network as a recommended service expert. We only work with quality providers and look forward to talking about your business. Get emails, social posts, blogs, webinars and more to promote your brand with our audience.

Business Planning

CREC Compliance and its principals have secured hundreds of operating cannabis licenses in all available verticals and continue to support the operations of cannabis businesses all over the nation. Read our blog for educational tips and contact us with specific questions.

Read CREC Blog

Cannabis Insurance

Cannabis Insurance Providers protect your business from massive financial setbacks, but not all providers will have quality plans. Be well protected and learn more about choosing an insurance provider.

Read Cannabis Insurance Blog

M&A Transaction

Read our Cannabis M&A activity blog post to learn more about preparing for your future with a buy out, purchase, access to capital, etc. This 1 hr long webinar and expert session will teach you a lot but you can still ask questions at the end.

You can also request M&A support here.

Business Valuations

Contact us for support with your business valuation. Armanino LLP are the experts for cannabis valuations and are ready to support your business. While the methods of determining a valuation may not vary too much, what you do as a business owner can make a big difference along the way.

Read about cannabis business valuations on our blog.

Get Financing

We find financing for construction, equipment, build out, operating capital and more. Sign up as a buyer to get started and tell us what type of financing you are looking for in the second part of the form.

Tax Support

Taxes are not fun, but an important subject for keeping your business legitimate and avoiding extra financial burden. Our CREC Directory partners, Armanino LLP and our CREC Compliance team are ready to figure out your tax plan for success.

General Cannabis Consulting

No matter what stage of business growth you are in, a trusted partner can help you establish a budget, predict a timeline, find a legal property, secure permit & cannabis licenses, stay compliant with regulations, and establish long-term business planning.

Read more in our blog about cannabis consulting for business growth.

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