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There is no better time to enter the cannabis market as a seller, than now. The industry is booming and there is an abundance of buyers. We look forward to reviewing your property submission.

Get started by filling out this form and telling us more about your property for sale or rent. Each CREC Certified listing we approve will have gone through an in-depth review to see if you qualify.

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How To Take Advantage of This High Value Market As a Seller

It is important that you get started early to learn the ins and outs of this highly profitable market. There are many opportunities emerging that require specific types of properties. If you have a property in the correct zoning than you are in luck and can enter this wonderful new market. Fill out this form to get started and tell us about your property for sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect as a seller?

You should expect that this market has great potential and now is a rare time to get on-board. We will help you list your property for sale to get the best price from a market that is growing exponentially.  You should expect high demand if you are able to be listed as a property with the right qualifications.


Can I really make more by selling my property for cannabis use?

Currently there is a high demand for properties that pass local regulations for different types of cannabis use. Because of this high demand and a limited supply, you can expect higher gains by selling for cannabis use. Hands down.


What types of locations are best?

Schools, parks, day care centers, churches all can be a reason why your location does not fit for cannabis use. Learn more about what your city regulates by working with our consultants to determine if you property will be acceptable.


Why should I list my property for sale with your company?

We are searching for only well-vetted locations that do comply with local regulations. It is important to our model that we find correct locations. By working with us, you will know that you are listed among the best options out there and will be certified as a trustworthy location for cannabis businesses.