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Deal Flow, Maps & Tools To Get Your Deals Done
  • Full List in Cannabis Listing Service (CLS)
  • Deal CRM & Project Tracker
  • Properties & Licenses Database
  • Buyers & Tenants Database
  • Buyer / Seller Matching Tool
  • Interactive Regulatory Jurisdiction Maps

Expert Support Services:

Experienced and Trusted Cannabis Professional Services
  • Compliance Support Team
  • Experienced Cannabis Brokerage Services
  • Government Affairs Support
  • CREC Directory Partners
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Leads


We’ve built the tools, contacts and deal flow to be successful in your region. Deals are complex and without support you will face a very long road with a long learning curve. Work with the CREC Network to close more deals and make more money in your real estate transactions!

List your Opportunities, Find Matches, Track Your Deals and Get Them Done.

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Cannabis Listing Service (CLS)

Largest Cannabis Properties & Licenses Database

We find the quality cannabis listings on the web and combine them with our member’s listings to give them access to the best on-market opportunities. Our on-market opportunities are available in a filterable format so it's easy to sift through in the CREC Portal.

Example Search: What’s on market for licensed indoor cultivation facilities with 10,000 sqft of canopy in city of LA?

Buyer / Tenant / Investor Database

Access our list of qualified and interested buyers of cannabis licenses and real estate opportunities. We have a large variety of categorized sorting options so you can find a buyer profile that matches your requirements.

Example Search: What buyers are available for a property in Oregon that is licensed for cultivation?


Buyer / Seller Matching Tool

Automated Matches in Database

The AI system in our listing service analyzes sellers and buyers in the CLS to find and rate the best matches for your opportunity.

CREC MAPS - Cannabis Regulations and Properties

Custom Cannabis Regulation and Property Maps

Access our interactive research and mapping tools built to visualize regulations overlaying the on market property listings.

CREC Maps Demo

Close Deals Faster and More Effectively Nationwide!

In the CREC Network you will have access to our interactive tools, listings, cannabis RE comparables and our compliance team that we use to assist our very own clients and agents.

Our team works diligently to provide you with the information, data and tools needed to be a cannabis real estate expert. The CREC Network is your long-term support partner!

Access additional services such as municipality regulatory maps to find viable properties for cannabis licensing for all of the United States. Our Compliance team has years of experience in the cannabis space and can help you with any situation.

We strive to continue to build useful tools to assist our CREC Network to have a good understanding of what is occurring in the market of cannabis real estate.

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CREC Network of Brokerage Professionals

Gain the advanced knowledge, improve your listings awareness, and access a professional network essential for closing sales in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Compliance Services

Ask us anything! Our compliance team will quickly improve your ability to safely execute cannabis business transactions or to evaluate your current operations.

CREC Technology Portal

Access the same interactive tools our real estate brokers use to research new locations for viable cannabis properties. Get your access today!

CREC Business Directory

Growing network of vetted cannabis professionals from attorneys to insurance to real estate agents. CREC Directory now available!

CREC Network Testimonials

What is the CREC Technology Portal?

CREC Network access comes with access to the CREC Portal.

This advanced cannabis research portal includes the support necessary for successful transactions! Use the interactive research, due diligence tools, nationwide listings, cannabis real estate business comparables, compliance services, and access to a network of agents and brokers nationwide to drastically improve your ability to close deals.

The portal and CREC network combined will take away all the heavy lifting that exists in the cannabis industry, allowing you to focus on closing quick transactions nationwide.

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The CREC Network is our platform developed to support cannabis industry professionals by providing the necessary resources to identify, structure, and close real estate, licenses, and business opportunity acquisitions.

You will join a nationwide affiliation of brokerage professionals providing broad access to buyers and sellers of cannabis assets throughout the world as well as deploying CREC’s proprietary technology supporting brokerage operations.

We are all about closing transactions (something certainly easier said than done in the cannabis industry) and found the best results come by networking with our peers and other industry professionals. Please join us!

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