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Cannabis Compliance Solutions in California and Rest of USA

Compliance is the key to a long-term competitive advantage in the industry!

It’s no secret, the cannabis industry is perhaps the most highly-regulated industry in the United States.

With constant changes to regulations and requirements for operators, obtaining the necessary licensing (and protecting it from citations, fines and revocation) requires a regulatory specialist.

Meet CREC Compliance. We work with property owners, operators and investors on all matters related to cannabis licensing and regulatory compliance for their operations.

From property certification reports, to license applications, to ongoing support of licensed operations…we enable our clients to focus with confidence that their project is safe from threats arising out of inconsistent applications and compliance violations.

Our team will become your team, for businesses with or without existing compliance personnel.

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Why is a Reliable Cannabis Compliance Partner Essential for Legal Operations?

Ensure you do not get denied, fined, or banned from the industry when you have a team of knowledgeable consultants in the local and state regulations. Compliance deals rarely involve a singular transaction, but rather a complex series of steps and actions triggered in the transferring of cannabis property and/or licensing from one owner or operator to another. There are many ways to complete the transfer or application incorrectly.

Our team has extensive experience strategizing, organizing and executing municipal and state applications simultaneously to ensure accuracy of application information and expedite the licensing process.

Our compliance team has developed a suite of services to support the growing demographic of licensed cannabis operators. The requirements to maintain compliant cannabis operations are extensive and reoccurring, “reactive” operators don’t stand a chance at passing a state inspections without audit-preparedness. Compliance Management services leverage our internal team of professionals to manage regulatory licensing requirements, including license renewals, quarterly audits, and 3rd party certifications for maintained compliant operations.

Top Compliance Services for Cannabis Businesses

License Applications

Business plans, SOPs, background checks, the list of requirements for cannabis licensing is exhaustive! Receive the support and experience of our team while you move through the cannabis licensing process. Save a headache and contact us first!

License Transfers

The transfer of active cannabis permits and licensing requires a 2-step process at both the municipal and state level, where inconsistencies in ownership disclosure can result in a denied transfer request. Leverage our experience to ensure a smooth license acquisition.

Outsourced Compliance Officer

License renewals, support and ongoing regulatory management of municipal and state requirements handled by our in-house cannabis compliance specialists. Our team becomes yours.

Compliance Audits

On-site and administrative regulatory compliance audit (based on state audit requirements). Audit report and Certification Statement issued for purpose of internal compliance record as evidence of operational compliance.

Property Certification Reports

Property-specific report outlining eligible municipal cannabis operations, status of existing/pending permits and licenses, renewal dates, tax rate, application process and fees, license transfer options and more!

Feasibility & Due Diligence

Initial due diligence and strategic planning for cannabis project requirements and execution, yielding a path of next-steps for the client. Our cannabis compliance team will investigate, research, and provide insights on your potential property or business acquisition.

Learn More About Our Variety of Cannabis Compliance Services for California and Nationwide!

CREC Compliance consultation services aim to educate the client using a “walk-through” process in which we strive to understand project needs, communicate process and strategize next steps.

Often times a client is open to any number of cities across multiple counties to base their operations. In these cases, the question of feasibility of licensing is often a top consideration.

CREC Compliance creates custom reports that narrow down cities with cannabis licensing programs supporting the client’s intended operations, with consideration to the municipal cannabis tax rates, application fees, limits to number of licenses issued by municipality and estimated time to complete licensing process.

The report breaks down the cities on a Good-Better-Best scale with a detailed reading of our rating process by a compliance specialist, which is then used by our CREC real estate agents to pull potential property listings.

We regularly work with clients looking to buy or sell a property contingent on the transfer of cannabis licensing. CREC Compliance due diligence reports educate clients on the status of any proposed municipal/state permits and licensing along with the municipal/state licensing process to transfer existing permits and licensing in a legal and compliant manner. The report is critical in providing our legal team with the insight they need to structure your deal.

Sellers want to increase their asking price, buyers want assurance they can legally operate on the property and sell the business down the line. Both benefit from the Compliance Property Certification Report. The report highlights cannabis entitlement options, permit and licensing status and a path forward for the buyer/tenant to obtain municipal and state operations licensing.

CREC client-deals rarely involve a singular transaction, but rather a complex series of steps and actions triggered in the transferring of cannabis property for sale and/or licensing from one owner or operator to another.

Our attorneys specialize in creating Letter of Intent, Property Lease, Operating Agreement, Joint-Venture Agreement and other legal documents typically required to properly structure a deal based on years of experience in the cannabis industry.

The complex process of navigating cannabis licensing processes is both expensive and time-consuming. While background checks are consistent across all programs, the requirements for municipal and state cannabis licensing programs are separate-but-contingent on one another.

Our team has extensive experience completing Site Identification Plans, Zoning Checks, Development Agreements, Conditional Use Permits, Business Plans, Standard Operating Procedures, Odor Abatement and Waste Disposal Plans, and a myriad of other requirements often found in cannabis licensing applications.

Cannabis applications are competitive. Cookie-cutter SOPs are a dime a dozen, and few projects are able to provide a comprehensive pro-forma without assistance. CREC Compliance creates individual and unique SOPs, financial forecasts, ownership experience and other documentation for presenting cannabis projects to investors, municipalities and state departments alike. Utilize our experience and expertise to ensure your application is awarded the maximum number of points to be awarded licensure.

Avoid Forfeiture of License, Bar from Industry, Missing Inventory, Costly Penalties, Loss of Sales, and Headaches!

Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs will help you get a better understanding of how our compliance team is primed to ensure your business is successful.

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  • 1. Will you help with my license application?

    Yes! That is one of our top requested services.

    The application process is long and expensive. It also varies county by county and that adds extra complications. It is essential that you find a professional compliance partner you can trust along the journey. Read more about our California Cannabis Compliance Services.


  • 2. What areas of the world does your compliance division cover?

    Our team specializes in California Cannabis Compliance and tend to be the most knowledgeable about California regulations. We do have experience throughout the United States and Canada. With our several referral partners, we will help you find out the information you need to be successful.

    Always do research on your own to become familiar and also find a trusted compliance partner as you grow alongside the changing laws.


  • 3. How do I ask a question or schedule a consultation about my business compliance?

    Use this link to schedule a time with our compliance division.

    We will follow up with you to get more information and schedule a time for our call after you have filled out the form completely. Using the form allows us to collect the necessary information to do our research before the call and make the most of everyone’s time.

    If you have a question, send it to us and we can quickly answer it. Our team is very busy and we will do our best to answer your question quickly, but it may take us up to 3-4 business days to give you feedback. More detailed questions may be subject to billable hours and paid consulting efforts. The first consultation is always complementary.


  • 4. Will you perform an audit on my business operations?

    Yes! We often recommend an audit service to our clients for its ability to find issues before they become a big problem.

    Using a professional and unbiased third party will help you prepare for success as your business grows within the cannabis industry.

    Contact our CREC Compliance Division for more information.


  • 5. What budget should I expect to start a cannabis business?

    $100,000 to $500,000; depending on if you want a business that needs a license and the county you want to be located in, that cost can go significantly higher!

    We always suggest more since there are plenty of unexpected costs along the way. It is best to have an investor, rather than try to bootstrap the costs on your own.


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