At the dawn of a new decade, cannabis policy in the United States is beginning to gain legitimate traction with state and municipal legalization on both medicinal and recreational fronts.

In this article, we’ve compiled our top 8 states to watch in 2020!

illinois-adult-use-email-2_10-1-19Our highlight of 2019 was that Illinois made headlines with the passage of the Illinois Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, adding the legalization of recreational-use cannabis to its legislation. Below are a number of other states worth watching in 2020 for cannabis policy reform to get ahead of the game in a new market. Read more about Illinois Application Details



In August of 2019, the Smart and Safe Arizona Act was filed with the state. The proposed act would legalize recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older. Home cultivation would also be allowed, with a limit of six plants per adult (12-plant-maximum per household).

Supporters of the act, which include the Arizona Dispensaries Association, will need to gather 237,645 signatures by July 2, 2020 to qualify the measure for the 2020 ballot.



In July 2019, a proposed constitutional amendment was submitted by the Arkansas Drug Policy Education Group to allow state-licensing for recreational cannabis dispensaries.



Florida supporters of a constitutional amendment allowing for licensed medical cannabis dispensaries to serve an adult-use market have until Feb 1. 2020 to gather signatures. The petition gathered nearly 400,000 signatures in 2019.


New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy fought to pass an adult-use cannabis bill in 2019, which resulted in a stall on the Senate floor. November 2019 saw the introduction of a resolution that would push the issue of adult-use to ballot for vote in 2020.


South Dakota

Two separate cannabis ballot-initiatives qualify the Mount Rushmore State’s 2020 election, aimed at legalizing medical and adult-use, respectively. The initiatives would serve to set the legalization, regulation and taxation of cannabis cultivation, processing and sales for an adult-use market age 21 and older.



In October 2019, Pennsylvania saw the introduction of an adult-use legalization bill. The proposal would focus on cannabis small-business development and measures of social equity for state-run retailers.


New Mexico

October 2019 was a landmark month for New Mexico cannabis policy, as leaders across the state submitted draft recommendations for an adult-use cannabis program.



The Marijuana Regulation Act was submitted to the Montana secretary of state during the summer of 2019. The proposal would legalize adult-use cannabis while establishing state regulation policies on enforcement and taxation.


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