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Whether you are dispensary owner, a delivery business owner or just looking to be a landlord, than you will need to make wise decisions on certain areas of your purchase. Our website works to find only trusted and qualified locations for purchase. You must have a property tied in with license submissions and choosing the wrong location can immediately disqualify you.

We can help you find the right property or license to buy for cannabis operations!

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There is no better time to enter the cannabis market as a buyer, than now. The industry is now legal and there is undeniable opportunity, but it’s complicated. We will help you find a legal property.

Get started by filling out this form and telling us more about the property you are looking for. Each listing you view has been approved and will have gone through an in-depth review before qualifying.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Buy Property or Business License for Cannabis

What should I expect as a buyer?

Finding the right location is critical in legitimate cannabis business ownership. It is a complex and difficult field to navigate that has regulations that continue to evolve. You should plan to read about the regulations, but have a trusted source available to help with your more detailed questions. Expect that you will need to spend more to buy or lease a property since there is more risk but also expect the reward to be far better.

Our cannabis real estate directory has been vetted to include the best options that we could find for your business operations. It is essential that you do the due diligence to learn if your specific location qualifies.


What types of locations are best?

Schools, parks, day care centers, churches all can make an area unfit for cannabis business use. Learn more about what your city regulates by working with our consultants to determine if the property you are viewing is acceptable.


Why should I apply as a buyer? 

We want to find you the right property to start a stable business in this market. By applying you will get into our list of potential buyers and we will be in touch when we find something suitable for your needs. While you can just browse the locations on our website, applying as a buyer will get you first in line to be notified of new property listings or even properties that are not yet listed.

Choose a Property by Category

We have separated out our property listings as ideal for each of these types of locations. Please look around our site and sign up to be a buyer to get access to our most recent listings (or not yet listed)!

We hope you find the right business license or property to purchase!

If you are not sure about investing, than we also have a guide about investing in cannabis that will help explain more about why this is the right time to get in at the ground level. Good luck and be in touch!