Washington Real Estate & Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis Status: Open

The state of Washington is a vast and progressive state. Being the first to legalize cannabis, recreational, and the second legalize it for sales, the state is home large amounts of land and metropolitan areas ideal for all uses of cannabis.

Name: Washington
Population: 7,615,000
Median Income: $87,652
Cannabis Uses: Production, Processing, Retail, Transportation, Testing, Delivery
State Cannabis Overview: The state of Washington has been on forefront of adult-use cannabis both in terms of sales and recreational-use. Large metropolitan regions such as Seattle and large cities such as Tacoma, there are several opportunities in this state.

Washington Cannabis & Commercial Real Estate Research

Uses: Production, Processing, Retail, Transportation, Testing, Delivery (note: Production, Processing and Retail do not allow for new application

Distance Requirement: 1000 feet away from elementary school or secondary school, playground, recreation center or facility child care center, public park, library, any game arcade (admission is not restricted by age)

Cap of Business for Adult-Use Dispensaries:

  • At city discretion

Tax Rate: Adult use retail: Purchases are subject to a 37% marijuana excise tax.

Medical marijuana: Purchases are not taxed.

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Chapter 69.50: Uniform Controlled Substances Act: https://app.leg.wa.gov/RCW/default.aspx?cite=69.50

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