San Diego, CA February 23, 2021:  In a first for the cannabis zoning and real estate sector, a San Diego based specialized real estate services company has launched a digital mapping system to help its agents find available properties and licensing opportunities, filtered by region and regulations instantly, with real-time data.

Cannabis Real Estate Consultants was established in 2017 and has since become a popular name in the cannabis real estate sector. The company is known for helping real estate agents across the United States by means of its exclusive, strong business network and technology-based solutions that enhance agents’ ability to find opportunities in a complicated environment

CREC Maps is one of several proprietary tools available in the CREC Portal. The software enables users to select their search area in the US and overlays cannabis regulations and property zoning details. The program shows a visual representation of real-time data related to available opportunities for launching a cannabis operation. The data allows users to know and see the most viable properties available for commercial cannabis in the area they choose.

The tools in the CREC Portal are a result of 5 years’ worth of in-depth maps, city regulations, and lead flow research conducted by the CREC team. When used in combination with the other Portal tools, this mapping system leads to bigger, quicker, and better opportunities. These tools address key problems faced by real estate agents with the industry becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with all the regulations, property zoning, and fluctuating data sets.

With CREC Maps, agents get access to real-time data on Green Zones, Sensitive Use & Setbacks, Viable Parcels, Viable Property Information, For Sale, For Lease, Leases Expiring, Off Market, and Property Reports. The CREC Network & Portal is built to remove the complexities of navigating the cannabis industry, introduce agents to the industry, and get them up to speed with how real estate, licenses, and cannabis deals are completed.

Discussing the potential of this unique and highly useful tool, CREC’s Co-Founder and CEO, Erich Rubio, says, “By hearing from our clients and researching our potential options, it is really exciting to release these tools to the public. Our agents have seen substantial growth after they incorporated our tools into their operations.”

Roger Tower, the company’s CMO, shed some more light on these tools’ timely release, saying “Our technology is quickly scaling nationwide and will give real estate agents a big upper hand in comparison with their previous, inundated methods for finding real estate/license opportunities in cannabis zoning.”

Miklos Campuzano, Managing Director at CREC, shares his own experience with one of the newly unveiled tools, saying, “Focused in cannabis real estate transactions, I was craving more information to handle my deals. Now, with CREC Portal, I get access to relevant data and mapping, which has made my life a lot easier, and I am consistently closing more deals. It’s really exciting we can now offer this technology to other agents and professionals across the country.”

The CREC Portal Maps is available exclusively to CREC Network members who gain a comprehensive repository of real estate opportunities, buyers, sellers, properties, licenses, and investors researched by the company’s compliance team for CREC registered agents. If you are an interested real estate agent, please reach out for more information on the CREC Portal & Network Associate Program


Cannabis Real Estate Consultants is a real estate solutions provider specializing in properties and licensing in regions across the United States where cannabis has been legalized. More details about CREC can be found on their website ( or via email ( while inquiries can also be made via phone calls to (866) 810-2022.