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WeCann is Now CREC's In-House Brokerage, Compliance, and Licensing Team!

WeCann is now our in-house brokerage, compliance, and cannabis license application team powered by CREC’s technology and resources to better service clients nationwide.


The legal cannabis industry is built upon real estate and licensing, through leases and acquisitions. The control of these assets is necessary to operate legally. By no means, however, is this the end of the story. The regulatory challenges facing those operating in the Cannabis Industry present “trials and tribulations” simply unheard of in any other industry. These nuances of the industry take an arsenal of experts and support to succeed.

Why Choose CREC?

CREC provides nationwide solutions to address virtually any challenge facing cannabis operators. Looking for locations, licenses, financing, engineering, equipment, construction, tax, compliance, legal, etc. We strive to provide a one stop shop focusing on addressing needs and deploying solutions. You identify the need and we assemble the technology, team and other resources to execute the best solution.

Our Team's Mission

We support & provide the necessary tools to our network of cannabis professionals, with solutions to their immediate and long-term needs of the legal cannabis industry.

Our Business Goal

Our goal is to ensure that the clients we work with understand the intricacies of each deal that are associated with selling, leasing or purchasing real estate or licenses for cannabis uses.

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What is peace of mind worth to you?....

Our staff works diligently to ensure that the properties that have been CREC Certified™ are zoned correctly in accordance with local ordinances or municipal codes and any applicable state restrictions. We also ensure that every CREC Certified™ property has been cleared of any surrounding sensitive uses per the applicable local and state regulations. We go through countless continuous efforts to ensure that every property we deem CREC Certified™ is located in the correct zoning. Additionally, we confirm that the property will pass the sensitive use setback requirements from the local regulations relating to that specific use.

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