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  • 1. How do I get my medical card in California?

    Obtaining a medical recommendation from a doctor in California is not as difficult as it sounds.

    There are several methods; a consultation online, through your primary care doctor, or a dedicated clinic close to you. An easy tool to help you find a doctor in California is Most dispensaries require a state ID with your medical card, so if you are just visiting you will not be able to purchase marijuana legally until January 1, 2018 when CA recreational marijuana laws take effect.

  • 2. Can anyone buy weed in California?

    Yes, after January 1, 2018, it will be legal state-wide for anyone over 21 years of age to purchase, recreationally use, and grow cannabis in California. Until then, you will need a medical recommendation from a doctor in-state.

  • 3. Can you grow cannabis year-round in California?

    California has no restriction on when you can grow and operate a cannabis cultivation facility.

    Instead, California state law distinguishes between indoor and outdoor growing. The good news in California is, any Californian has the legal right to grow indoors up to the state legal limit of 6 plants. However, every city dictates outdoor regulations. Check your local laws to see whether you can grow outdoors or not!

  • 4. Can you smoke cannabis in public in California?


    January 1, 2018, cannabis will be recreationally legal in California.

    However, this doesn’t mean it is something you can do at any time. It will be regulated much like alcohol, with specific licensed locations where it is legal to consume.

    Learn more about CA recreational laws at


  • 5. Can I travel with cannabis outside the state where I purchased it?

    One of the big NOs in the cannabis industry is absolutely do not cross state lines with cannabis.

    Cannabis is still illegal under federal law, and can cause you jail time or worse if discovered.

  • 6. How much cannabis can you buy or sell in California?

    Adults 21 and up and not already participating in California’s medical cannabis program can grow up to six marijuana plants, possess up to 28.5 grams of dried flower and 8 grams of concentrate. Those who grow their marijuana may keep all of the harvest obtained from their plants. To sell cannabis commercially in California you must obtain a state license, or risk facing serious jail time. Products like CBD oil for dogs are now coming on the market and since they have no THC are being treated differently in the eyes of the law thanks to the new 2018 Farm Bill.

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  • 7. Where can I grow cannabis commercially in California?

    Every city and county is permitted to enact their own laws for commercial growing including zoning, permitting, taxes, fees, licenses, etc.

    After reviewing properties zoned for cannabis use and selecting one to build out and squire the correct licensing, you will also need to receive a license from the State of California. Talk to one of our agents who specialize in helping you assure this exact thing!

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  • 8. Can I send cannabis seeds in California mail?

    No. It is federally illegal to mail or distribute marijuana through the mail in any state.

    Learn more about recreational laws in California at

  • 9. Can I buy cannabis in Oregon with my California Medical Card?

    Anyone over the age of 21 can purchase and consume marijuana recreationally in Oregon without the use of a medical recommendation, even if you are a tourist or from out of state.

  • 10. Could having my cannabis card get me deported?

    Legalization of marijuana in California, although progressive, does not mean complete freedom for illegal residents or those in the process of becoming citizens. Simply because you have a cannabis card does not mean that you are actually using it or not or actually using marijuana. However, being caught with possession of marijuana by a federal agent could cause you issues.

    You can learn more about recreational cannabis laws in California from which is run by an immigration and cannabis attorney.