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Cannabis Investment Opportunities

For motivated entrepreneurs and investors, there are new options emerging everyday!

The cannabis industry is heating up! Everyone is interested in the space. What used to be very illegal is all of a sudden now accepted and popular by the masses.

Optimism for the cannabis industry is off the charts. Two thirds of Americans think Cannabis should be legal. Some estimates show approximately 2 billion cannabis consumers worldwide!

After the alcohol prohibition was lifted, there were incredible gains. Think about how much this industry will flourish in the next few years after Federal regulations are changed, inter-state commerce is allowed, and on-site consumption is approved. Get in early to, capitalize on the growth.

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There are cannabis investment opportunities all over the country, whether it’s a business touching the plant or ancillary businesses that supports the industry, there are many options. For motivated entrepreneurs and investors, there are new options emerging everyday!

We believe you should be making long term investments, instead of focusing on quick short term gains. The true wealth will be created in the long run by allocating to smart investments in the cannabis space.

Once laws are changed and cannabis companies are able to cross state lines with products and even be able to export overseas, the growth potential in the long term (more than 10 years) is likely much higher than we realize.

But where do I invest?

Great options are becoming more available as time goes by and the industry matures. We have opportunities coming up that we will be sharing with our investor channel for the following investment categories:

  • Cannabis Real Estate (we have many options! – Click to View Our Listings.)
  • Private placements (for accredited investors only)
  • Investment funds (for accredited investors only)

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Long Term Growth Potential

“Cannabis sales are projected to jump to $21.8 billion by 2022, representing a 26% compound annual growth rate.” - Arcview Market Research/BDS Analytics


Overcoming the Knowledge Gap

The information is out there and readily available, but the true knowledge of this space is still developing. This is a new industry and many people believe you can make a lot of money in the space very easily. The insiders of the industry will tell you that this isn’t true. The space is fraught with risk and blind spots a new investor needs to be aware of.

At CREC we speak to various industry stakeholders everyday and understand the current market dynamics and where things might be going. But we do not have a crystal ball and cannot read the future.

We suggest taking your time to understand the industry and see how it’s different from any market you might be used to before dipping your toe in the water. You can start by reading a recent news post packed with valuable information about investing in cannabis.

We’re here to help. We have a lot of information to help bridge this knowledge gap with real insights from inside the industry you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Throughout the coming months we will be sharing special insights from the industry to subscribers of this investor channel.

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Legal Cannabis Spending Predictions

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