Update 2/7/23: The deadline to submit cannabis license application in Artesia, CA is 03/08/2023 and the city opened up for cannabis licensing applications on 2/6/23.

We believe this area of California could be a great place for you to open a cannabis business. Due to its long history of cannabis cultivation, access to skilled labor and industry expertise, and a supportive regulatory environment there are several advantages to this region.

There will be 3 retail cannabis licenses available in Artesia. The application will be merit based, require real estate and the application window will be until 3/8/23. A strong consulting partner will support you with a higher success rate and minimize risk of operating after winning application. Contact us for more information on how we are available to help! Get started with your application.

About Artesia, CA Demographics

Artesia is a city located in Los Angeles County, California. According to the United States Census Bureau, as of 2023, the population of Artesia, California was around 16,634 people. 

Artesia, California is home to a diverse range of businesses, including retail shops, restaurants, and professional services.

The state has a well-established supply chain and infrastructure for cannabis production, and a large consumer market for cannabis products. Additionally, California’s regulations for cannabis businesses are among the most comprehensive and strict in the country, which can help ensure product safety and compliance with legal requirements.

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Cannabis Regulations Analysis – Artesia, CA

In California, cannabis is legal for both medical and recreational use. However, individual cities and counties have the authority to regulate or ban cannabis businesses within their jurisdiction. Here are the specific regulation details for Artesia, CA. Remember to contact us for the rest of the cannabis regulations information.

Zonings – Commercial General and Commercial Planned Development Zones as well as Artesia Boulevard Specific Plan, Artesia Boulevard Corridor Specific Plan, South Street Specific Plan that are south of the California State Route 91.

Caps – Three licenses for cannabis retail businesses will be granted.

Allowable Uses – The approved use for cannabis will be limited to storefront retail operations.

  • Setbacks – 600 feet from schools, youth centers, and daycare centers.
  • Sensitive Uses – State standard, schools k-12, youth centers, and daycare centers.

Tax Rate – Still TBD


How to Apply for Artesia Cannabis License

Be prepared, the selection process for the cannabis business license will be based on merit and will involve a real estate component.

Application Window – Cannabis business applications are due 03/08/2023

Application criteria suggested to be included by ordinance. (final criteria TBD)

  1. Previous cannabis experience.
  2. Longevity and profitability in other jurisdictions.
  3. Community benefits.
  4. Social equity.

Permit Transfers

Limited to 85% ownership transfer within 2 years, up to 100% afterwards. Requires public hearing and approval of city manager.


Artesia, CA Cannabis Application Support

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