Cannabis License Expansion for Retail & All License Types

Want to expand your portfolio?

Gain advanced knowledge, technology, and our retail expansion strategies to find licensable locations within your custom criteria. 

Acquire licenses or real estate zoned for cannabis using our cannabis license expansion strategies. Hire our knowledgeable cannabis real estate team and gain access to our proprietary technology developed for effective cannabis licensing and retail expansion into new regions.

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Use our License Expansion Program to implement strategies proven to provide targeted options viable and in your region. Let us know you are interested and your search criteria in the following form:

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Our Strategic Process of Location Analytics

  • 1. Locate the Most Optimal Jurisdiction

  • 2. Utilize our Proprietary Location-Intelligence Technology

  • 3. Deploy Strategies Utilizing our Data and Analysis

  • 4. Utilize our Nationwide Network of Cannabis RE Agents

  • 5. Negotiate and Secure Assets with Favorable Terms

Cannabis License Expansion Service for Retail and All License Types Nationwide!

CREC’s project management team will oversee the expansion based on the client’s preference of location, use type, and competition of applications. Let’s expand your portfolio and use our proven strategies to find you the right opportunities for your criteria.

Feasibility Report

Identify Most Optimal Municipality

GOAL: Locate a Jurisdiction Based on Client’s Custom Criteria

  • Upcoming Jurisdictions
  • Allow Client’s License Type
  • Jurisdictions Allowing for License Transfers (if clients plans on a future sale)
  • Open for Applications
  • License Available (meets cap restriction)
  • Information on City Metrics
  • Tax Rates
  • Demographics
  • Employment Clusters

Interactive Map of Nationwide Jurisdictions and Regulations

  • Maps of Open or Pending Jurisdictions
  • Visualizing Open or Pending Markets
  • Large Overview of Allowable Uses
  • Tax Rates
  • Cap of Licenses

Viable Property Identification

Our technology efficiently provides our members with interactive maps where they can access our datasets and utilize it as they need.

Sensitive Uses

Setbacks are identified and analyzed for maps.


Qualified cannabis zones are highlighted based on the uses allowed in jurisdiction.

Setback mapping visually tracks local regulations. This allows customers to immediately identify properties qualifying under recently enacted regulations.

Viable Parcels

All the viable parcels that fall into the GreenZones and away from Sensitive Uses.

More Data

We provide a variety of datasets to assist your analysis: Traffic Counts, Op Zones, Pop Densities and more.

Market Analysis & Location Analytics

Identifying the best real estate for your business.
  • Consolidation of Assets based on Criteria
    • Analytics of RE Metrics
    • Comparable Properties
      • Eligible
      • OR Operational
    • Grading Every Viable Property
      • Demographics, Traffic Counts, Population Density, Median Income, Retail Sales in the area, Foot Traffic, Ideal SFT, Competition, and Real Estate Trends are analyzed and more Presentation and Negotiation of Asset

How CREC Team Gets The Deal Done!

We now offer a full suite of services for cannabis industry professionals, entrepreneurs, service providers, real estate agents and brokers to successfully find viable cannabis real estate properties.

CREC Network of Brokerage Professionals

Gain the advanced knowledge, improve your listings awareness, and access a professional network essential for closing sales in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Compliance Services

Ask us anything! Our compliance team will quickly improve your ability to safely execute cannabis business transactions or to evaluate your current operations.

CREC Technology Portal

Access the same interactive tools our real estate brokers use to research new locations for viable cannabis properties. Get your access today!

CREC Business Directory

Growing network of vetted cannabis professionals from attorneys to insurance to real estate agents. CREC Directory to be released soon!