Property Certification Reports for Cannabis Use

Confirm property is legally zoned for cannabis use!

Applying for cannabis licensing, but not sure if your property is eligible?

Property Certification Reports are a very popular option that includes a step-by-step outline of the municipal cannabis licensing process. The report allows an operator to clearly understand the requirements, cost and timeline to apply for municipal and state licensing.

Sellers want to increase their asking price, lessors want to maximize their rental revenue streams, buyers want assurance they can legally operate on the property and sell the business down the line. Each of these scenarios benefit from a Property Certification Report.

The report highlights cannabis entitlement options, permit and licensing status and a path forward for the buyer/tenant to obtain municipal and state operations licensing. It is a no-brainer to confirm the details of your property with these reports!

crec-certified-badge-squareComplete form to receive a sample Property Certification Report – Send details on the property to be reviewed, certified, and approved by our compliance team for cannabis licensing.

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Access Detailed Property Information in CREC Property Certification Report

This property-specific report clearly describes the requirements, cost and timeline to apply for municipal and state licensing. Prepared by our compliance team with the details required to be confident in your location for cannabis use.

  • Property Address / APN, Description, Zoning, Municipality Details

  • Allowed Commercial Cannabis Operations

  • Permit Requirements

  • Sensitive Uses and Setbacks

  • Cannabis Taxes

  • Cannabis Activity License Limits

  • Development Standards

  • Additional Considerations

  • Property Conclusion and Recommendation

How our Compliance Team Gets The Deal Done!

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