Feasibility and Due Diligence Report Services

Learn Feasibility of Your Operations with Due Diligence Reports for Project Planning

Compliance is the key to a long-term competitive advantage in the industry! Let’s chat today to improve your operations.

Due diligence is the foundation for all compliance services. Our due diligence reports create an outline to educate and expedite the cannabis licensing process. Application process, milestones, application fees, timelines, tax rates, limits to operations, caps on licenses issued, sensitive uses, license status, permits issued, opportunities identified.

Our Compliance due diligence services aim to educate the client using a “walk-through” process in which we strive to understand project needs, communicate process, research, and strategize next steps.

Utilize this report for everything you need to know to make educated and informed decisions on your cannabis project.

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Know all your legal, regulatory and cannabis compliance needs are covered.

Often times a client is open to any number of cities across multiple counties to base their operations.

In these cases, the question of feasibility of licensing is often a top consideration. We create custom reports that narrow down cities with cannabis licensing programs supporting the client’s intended operations. The report breaks down the cities on a Good-Better-Best scale, with a detailed reading of our rating process by a compliance specialist, which is then used by our real estate agents to pull potential property listings.

We also work with clients looking to buy or sell a property contingent on the transfer of cannabis licensing. Our compliance due diligence reports educate clients on the status of any proposed municipal/state permits and licensing along with the municipal/state licensing process to transfer existing permits and licensing in a legal and compliant manner.

The report is critical in providing our team with the insight needed to properly structure your deal.

Outsourced Cannabis Compliance Officer (CCO) Program

Over the years, our compliance team and its principals have secured hundreds of operating cannabis licenses in all available verticals.

As these companies become operational they frequently face regulatory audits by local and state administrators. When this occurs it can place licenses at risk, operators at risk and also subject operations to substantial fines. This service has become very popular!

How an outsourced Cannabis Compliance Officer (CCO) would support your business operations:

License Tracking, Renewals and Reminders:​ ​Land-Use Permit Renewal, Municipal Regulatory Permit/License Renewal, State License Renewal, Filing of Sales Tax Reminder, Filing of Cannabis Tax Reminder, Completion of Cal/OSHA 30-hr Training Reminder, Weighmaster License Application.

Audits and Remediation:​ ​Quarterly on-site facility and operational compliance audits, remediation plans, SOP creation and amendments, certification statements of compliance, physical representation at audit or inspection.

Books and Records:​ ​Required documentation organized, updated and available immediately upon audit request – employee training records, standard operating procedures, financial records, production records, inventory tracking records, waste records, sales records, quality assurance records, surveillance records.

Staff Training and Preparation:​ ​Train management on all SOPs and procedural updates.