Compliance Management and Audit Preparedness Services

Be Prepared for Cannabis Compliance Audit at Anytime!

Our cannabis compliance services will provide all your requirements for regulatory audits and 3rd party certification statements that banks will require. Read below to see if you are ready.

Professional compliance services are built to focus on keeping your company safe from damages arising out of a violation.

Minimizing the risk of issues arising during a regulatory audit is all about preparation. CREC has developed a suite of services to support the growing demographic of licensed cannabis operators. Use our experience and due diligence to stay safe in a complicated environment.

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State & Local Regulators are Flooding our Clients with Audit Requests!

Advanced Preparation is the Key to Shutting the Regulators Down Quickly.

California’s cannabis regulatory standards and requirements continue to shift in what was already a complicated landscape. We are seeing compliance audits of cannabis operators occur frequently, resulting in enforcement of fines and suspension of license.

Compliance management and audit preparedness is an important responsibility for any cannabis business, including:

  1. Establishing and Maintaining Consistent Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Training and Preparing Staff on Procedures
  3. Maintaining a Compliant Facility

As your trusted partner is is our goal is to enable licensed cannabis operators to focus on their operations with confidence that their business is safe from damages arising from compliance violations. Our Team becomes your team, for businesses with or without existing compliance personnel.

Ask the following questions to see if you are prepared for a compliance audit or third party information sharing.

Important Questions About Your Regulatory Preparedness:

  • Do you currently have a compliance officer or team?
  • Do you currently have all licenses, Statements of Procedures (SOP), site plans, invoices and other operational documents in one easy to access location?
  • Do you currently have a system to track your license renewals and all tax filings (State, Federal, Sales, Excise, etc.)?
  • Do you currently have audit procedures in place or has any member of your team been trained on how to deal with an audit from a City, County or State Agency?
  • Have your Statement of Procedures been reviewed or updated within the last 6 months?
  • Do you currently have a Statement of Procedure for all security personnel?
  • Do you have any COVID-19 specific Statement of Procedures?
  • Are your current site and floor plans used for your license identical to your current operation?

Compliance Services for Cannabis Audit Preparedness

Regulatory Audits:

​We review and document your compliance efforts and technology, providing third party verification, as well as suggestions (if applicable) to properly position your operations to document all compliance.

Panic Button:​

Prepared SOP and all documentation required to satisfy municipal and state inspections and investigations, along with organizing the documents so you have easy accessibility.

Certification Statements:​

3rd-Party Statement of Compliance generated by a successful audit. Required by banking institutions providing services to the cannabis industry. Compliance Managed:​ ​License renewals and ongoing regulatory requirements handled by our team of compliance professionals.

Outsourced Cannabis Compliance Officer (CCO) Program

Over the years, our compliance team and its principals have secured hundreds of operating cannabis licenses in all available verticals.

As these companies become operational they frequently face regulatory audits by local and state administrators. When this occurs it can place licenses at risk, operators at risk and also subject operations to substantial fines. This service has become very popular!

How an outsourced Cannabis Compliance Officer (CCO) would support your business operations:

License Tracking, Renewals and Reminders:​ ​Land-Use Permit Renewal, Municipal Regulatory Permit/License Renewal, State License Renewal, Filing of Sales Tax Reminder, Filing of Cannabis Tax Reminder, Completion of Cal/OSHA 30-hr Training Reminder, Weighmaster License Application.

Audits and Remediation:​ ​Quarterly on-site facility and operational compliance audits, remediation plans, SOP creation and amendments, certification statements of compliance, physical representation at audit or inspection.

Books and Records:​ ​Required documentation organized, updated and available immediately upon audit request – employee training records, standard operating procedures, financial records, production records, inventory tracking records, waste records, sales records, quality assurance records, surveillance records.

Staff Training and Preparation:​ ​Train management on all SOPs and procedural updates.

Let’s Get Started on Your Regulatory Compliance

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