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David Edfors


At AIG we are always looking at what is next, and I always strive to optimize our path forward, creating opportunities to expand with our clients. Our reach, extensive experience, and wealth of resources allows us to grow our operations with our team while improving client security experiences wherever we go.

State: Nationwide
Company: AmeriCorp International Group

Business Details on AmeriCorp International Group

For the past 10+ years AmeriCorp International Group has provided protection for numerous commercial buildings, hotels, office spaces, residential communities, and retirement homes across the state. We have provided services such as Courtesy Attendants, Concierge, Unarmed Officers, and Armed Officers with the most recent training and tools.

We specialize in this field with 10+ years of experience and ability to attract the top, most experienced TIER ONE officers that already have great experience in your industry. We recruit the best and perform the most intense vetting and screening on our officers. We carefully select our security personnel to make sure that they not only have the skills necessary to perform their duties but also a calm demeanor that is required when an officer has authoritative privilege.

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