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The City of Pomona launched its Commercial Cannabis Program and will be accepting applications between March 17th and April 30th (original date of 4/20 was pushed back).

This cty in Los Angeles County, CA is between Inland Empire and the San Gabriel valley in Pomona Valley. Population size is around 150,000 and 30 miles (48 km) east of the Los Angeles area of Los Angeles County with a total area of 22.964 square miles (59.48 km2).

We recommend you look into operations in Pomona, CA for your next cannabis business and have compiled the details for you to consider if it is the right fit. Contact us with any other questions about opportunities in Pomona!

Limited Permits Available – There will only be eight commercial cannabis permits at this time, and each Pomona permit is inclusive of both adult-use and medical use.

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Pomona, CA – Application Workshop – CREC Webinar 4/10/20

On April 4th, 2020 we hosted an application workshop featuring great presenters who worked on the cannabis regulations in Pomona, CA. The addition of local regulators will help all of our community communicate and Pomona is a great example of how to lay the foundation of cannabis regulations for other municipalities.

Join the CREC team along with Mark Ramos, President of UFCW Local 1428 in Pomona, CA and Anita Gutierrez, Director Of Development Services at City of Pomona.


Pomona, CA Cannabis Regulations Overview


Pomona, CA Allowed Cannabis Uses

  • On April 1st, 2019 the city council of Pomona adopted Ordinance No. 4257 , which amended the municipal code to allow and regulate the following commercial cannabis uses:
    • Indoor and mixed-light cultivation
    • Distribution
    • Manufacturing (volatile and non-volatile)
    • Testing
    • Microbusiness
    • Retail Storefront
    • Retailer non-storefront delivery


Pomona, CA Permit Limits

  • The city will issue a total of eight commercial cannabis permits at this time, and each Pomona permit is inclusive of both adult-use and medical use.
    • (2) Storefront Retail permits
    • (2) Microbusinesses permits
    • (4) of any combination of Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution, and Indoor Cultivation up to 22,000 feet.
    • Source


Pomona, CA Zoning

  • All prospective cannabis business applicants must verify their business would satisfy the following zoning restrictions:


Pomona, CA Tax Information

  • On election day 11/6/2018, the citizens of Pomona voted to approve a cannabis tax that would set the following rates:
    • Cultivation:
      • $7/ square foot of canopy space that uses exclusively artificial lighting
      • $4/ square foot of canopy space that uses a mix of natural and artificial lighting
      • $2/ square foot of canopy space that uses no artificial lighting
      • $1/ square foot of canopy space for any nursery
    • Testing: 1% of gross receipts
    • Retail dispensary, non-storefront retail (delivery) or microbusiness (retail sales): 4% of gross receipts
    • Distribution: 2% receipts
    • Manufacturing, processing, microbusiness (non-retail), and any other uses not specified: 2% gross receipts
  • Source



How To Apply for Pomona, CA Cannabis Licensing

See Detailed Application Instructions:

  • Click here for a detailed roadmap from the city of Pomona on how to apply for for a commercial cannabis permit, broken down into ten steps.
    • *Due to the ongoing public health concerns related to COVID-19, the city of Pomona is shifting the acceptance of the Zoning Verification Letter (Step #2 in the Implementation Guide) from appointment-based physical submissions to electronic submissions only, no appointment required. Electronic submissions may be made directly to cannabis@ci.pomona.ca.us

Contact CREC Compliance: 


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