Learn about recent changes to municipalities that are updating their cannabis regulations.

In this edition we have updates of Stanton, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Benicia, Sacramento, Marysville, Pomona, and San Fernando City.

As we draw closer to 2020, take a look at the recent updates in municipalities we are tracking below.


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November 26, 2019 – Municipality / City Cannabis Regulation Updates


  • Stanton residents voted on a tax that would tax commercial cannabis businesses (Measure A) -https://voiceofoc.org/2019/11/stanton-voters-back-special-taxes-in-early-returns/


Oxnard (12-3-19)

  • Oxnard will hold a hearing for a retail cannabis ordinance. The meeting will take place on December 3rd


Benicia (11-19-19)

  • City has approved an ordinance for delivery only cannabis activity.
  • Additionally city will remove the cap on micro business in the jurisdiction
    Specific Uses: IL, IG, IW, IP


San Fernando City (11-18-19)

  • City will place measures on March 2020 ballot for a ban on cannabis activities


Thousand Oaks (11-5-19)

  • City has extended a moratorium on all commercial and industrial hemp
    • Cultivation, processing, storing, retail and other commercial uses
    • City will extend the moratorium for 10 months on any licensing or other city necessities for approval of hemp activities


Sacramento (11-5-19)

  • Imposed a moratorium on hemp activities for extended times.
  • Hemp moratorium will expire on Sept 20, 2020
  • Manufacturing of Hemp will also be held on a moratorium December 2019


Marysville (11-5-19)

  • Ordinance passed for regulating commercial cannabis


Pomona (11-4-19)

  • City will introduce commercial cannabis overlay district.
  • Specific parcels would be in compliance with the Tax ordinance



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