La Mesa, CA Real Estate & Cannabis Regulations

Cannabis Status: Open

The city of La Mesa has an open ended application period for all non-retail uses. With the nearby city of San Diego capped out for manufacturing and distribution uses, La Mesa is one of the best alternatives for pursuing a cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution hub for the surrounding area.

Name: La Mesa, California
Population: 59,556
Median Income: $66,051
Uses: Retail, Delivery, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Testing, and Distribution

City Cannabis Overview: Applications are now being accepted by appointment only for Adult-Use Cannabis Business License for co-locations with medicinal cannabis facilities that have an approved Conditional Use Permit (CUP) under Measure U. Additionally, phase one applications for stand-alone cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and testing laboratory businesses are being accepted.

La Mesa, CA Cannabis & Commercial Real Estate Research

Uses: Retail, Delivery, Volatile and Non-Volatile Manufacturing, Indoor Cultivation, Distribution

Distance Requirement: Any property in which a retail commercial adult-use cannabis business is located shall be no closer than one thousand feet from any school located in a single-family residential zone and providing instruction in kindergarten or any grades 1 through 12, youth centers, and daycare centers.

Cap of Business: Other than co-location with a retail medicinal cannabis business, retail commercial adult-use cannabis businesses shall be prohibited.

Tax Rate:

  • Seven dollars annually per square foot of canopy space in an indoor facility.
  • One dollar annually per square foot of canopy space for any nursery.
  • For every person who engages in the operation of a testing laboratory for adult-use cannabis or cannabis products shall be subject to one percent of gross receipts.
  • For every person who engages in the adult-use retail sales of cannabis as a retailer (dispensary) or non-store front retailer (delivery) or microbusiness (retail sales) shall be subject to four percent of gross receipts.
  • For every person who engages in a cannabis distribution business for adult-use cannabis or cannabis products shall be subject to two percent of gross receipts.
  • For every person who engages in an adult-use cannabis manufacturing, processing, or microbusiness (non-retail), shall be subject to two and one-half percent of gross receipts.

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