The CREC Compliance Division is comprised of 3 key members originally with MJIC Compliance. Years of industry experience leave you in good hands with these hard working professionals.


Lawrence Horwitz, Esq., President of Compliance – Mr. Horwitz represents cannabis operators along the entire supply chain throughout California. He has been extensively involved in assisting operators in securing municipal licenses, assuring their operations comply with existing and proposed regulations and in identifying lease and acquisition properties to locate cannabis operations.


Jared Younker, Chief Compliance Officer – As a published author/editor for cannabis industry-specific books (“IRS Code 280e Simplified” and “420 Delivery: A Complete Guide to Starting a Medical Marijuana Delivery Business in California”), Jared has a clear understanding of starting cannabis businesses and managing compliant operations. Jared puts his expertise to use working with cannabis startup businesses, exceeding 200 new corporations.


Evelyn Slater-Shew, Compliance Officer – Evelyn wears multiple hats as a CREC compliance officer, event coordinator and social media marketer. Driven by a passion for the therapeutic benefits of cannabis and the social justice of decriminalization, Evelyn has challenged herself to understand the ins-and-outs of California’s commercial cannabis industry in an effort to help struggling businesses through the legalization process.


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