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WeCann is now our in-house brokerage, compliance, and cannabis licensing team powered by CREC’s technology and resources to better service clients nationwide.

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Find potential commercial cannabis real estate for your business.  Our CREC Certification process adds a level of trust and professionalism for your 420 friendly real estate search.  We’re always finding new 420 properties to add to our network and improve your mmj real estate experience. Please submit a listing if you’re a cannabis real estate seller and we hope your location is qualified to list with our 420 friendly properties and commercial marijuana realty.

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Massive Database! – Our team maintains the most up to date list of cannabis properties, licenses, and opportunities in the market! We research the market daily to find every option possible that could be potentially viable. This database includes 5+ years of leads and is now available to our subscribers.

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View our CREC Directory for an introduction to the cannabis professionals we personally vetted and highly recommend as service providers by State.

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View Regulations for Cannabis Real Estate by State

Click on the State below to read more about that market and see the listings we have available.

Custom Regulation Maps

Contact us for access to custom cannabis maps in each municipality. Our research is valuable for all types of cannabis entrepreneurs.

Use our website to find out more information on main States and Cities that are pioneering the way on cannabis regulations. We have listed the information about each State’s regulations, market analysis, viable properties and more to help you decide on the right point of entry for your business. For example, we are also ready to help with Detroit Legacy Applications for Cannabis Licenses and other compliance support activities. Contact us right away if you are a legacy / social equity candidate!

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Introducing to you, the most important tools in your belt for successfully finding cannabis real estate that are in proper green zones.

Utilize the CREC Portal and CREC Network to better identify, structure, and close real estate, licenses, and cannabis business opportunity acquisitions.

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Gain the advanced knowledge, improve your listings awareness, and access a professional network essential for closing sales in the cannabis industry.

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Ask us anything! Our compliance team will quickly improve your ability to safely execute cannabis business transactions or to evaluate your current operations.

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Access the same interactive tools our real estate brokers use to research new locations for viable cannabis properties. Get your access today!

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Growing network of vetted cannabis professionals from attorneys to insurance to real estate agents. CREC Directory now available!

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California Cannabis Real Estate Consultants

We Provide Commercial Real Estate Opportunities for the Cannabis Industry

Our services will help anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in cannabis for real estate purposes. We know that navigating through this industry can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Luckily, working with our knowledgeable and robust cannabis consulting services can alleviate the stress involved. We look forward to learning about your company and how we can find the right cannabis property for sale, rent or to be listed as available on our site for California cannabis real estate.

  • TRUSTED – Our company works closely with 420 friendly real estate professionals, attorneys, architects, consultants, and operators in the cannabis industry to provide the highest quality service for our clients.
  • EXPERIENCED – The members of our organization have 30+ years of combined cannabis industry experience and have been working with clients to successfully vet the best 420 properties in Washington, Oregon, and California commercial marijuana real estate opportunities.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE – We have been focused on negotiating real estate deals in California since 2009 and have a strong background in California cannabis real estate best practices as well as business acquisitions and dispositions.
  • UNIQUE PROCESS – Our business is centered around a unique workflow that improves your success rate for licensing a cannabis business. We pride ourselves on presenting qualified cannabis properties for our clients.

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Our Promise

Commercial marijuana real estate & 420 properties ready for business!

Once a property has been CREC Certified™ it is eligible for application submission in whichever municipality it is in. We make it easy for property owners, landlords, and investors to immediately submit a CREC Certified™ property for cannabis real estate licensing. Our mission is to find legitimate 420 friendly commercial rentals and ownership opportunities for California cannabis real estate and other areas like Oregon, Massachusetts, Michigan, or New York. We list only legitimate 420 properties.

  • We interpret the regulations and identify the correct zoning for each different use category.
  • We locate properties that are zoned correctly for a Conditional Use Permit or other applicable licensure.
  • We clear the property of all Sensitive Uses to minimize risk of a failed local and state application.
  • We negotiate a fair and viable lease or purchase that fits the needs of each cannabis business client.
  • We work closely with various 420 real estate professionals, attorneys, architects, and cannabis licensing consultants to ensure you meet all requirements for license application.


Search our cannabis real estate directory for properties in California, but we can also help you find a 420 friendly property anywhere in the United States. The cannabis real estate market is expected to grow exponentially in the next two years. We will continuously update our mmj business listings for your convenience. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact us so we can find you a profitable space to get started.



We care about results through trust and quality listings to support your 420 property search.

Weeding through sites for your cannabis properties search can be a nightmare and searching for cannabis commercial real estate help can be a hassle. Whether you’re looking to buy mmj properties or post a cannabis business for sale, we make the process easier to do and understand.


Our experienced staff of 420 professionals and consultants include; cannabis realtors, cannabis industry professionals and real estate agents with over 30 years of combined experience in the the real estate industry. Unlike some cannabis real estate sites, we truly care about the properties we list. We take pride in making sure each property is CREC Certified and meets the competitive standards in this growing industry!

Click an icon to search for cannabis listings for sale or rent.


We welcome all owners interested in selling commercial property to submit their property for our review. It is important that the properties we list are certified by our 420 friendly real estate professionals.

We specialize in California cannabis laws and look forward to learning about your potential 420 property to add to our qualified cannabis real estate directory and properties for sale or lease.

Our cannabis commercial real estate listings are each vetted thoroughly for local and stated regulations to confirm they are appropriate to be listed by our commercial cannabis realtor.

Whether searching to sell your 420 real estate in California or a more specific area like Los Angeles for your cannabis real estate, we have many ways to help you make the sale to mmj friendly businesses.

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From Michigan to Oklahoma to Florida, new city regulations are coming online rapidly following successes of other areas like California. Finding 420 real estate in California, or Oregon, or Massachusetts will each have different needs but you will always need a cannabis friendly real estate agent to help you through the licensing process and road to legitimacy.

Use our service to find commercial marijuana real estate options for sale and lease.

To talk to an agent, contact us to learn more about our commercial marijuana realty services.