Lets start preparing all you need for your Cannabis License Application in Fontana.

Fontana, CA may be an ideal place to grow and start your cannabis business. City Council will now allow retail commercial cannabis businesses to operate and will begin accepting license applications soon.

Fontana Licensing Update 1/11/23 – The city is hoping to begin applications in late February or early March. We’ve been receiving updates from the city that they are going to be bringing the final procedures and rules for applications to the city council, hopefully then determining exact dates.

The city of Fontana, which is located close to the San Bernardino Mountains, offers a variety of community events, a robust economy and easy access to major commercial centers for both locals and tourists. Fontana will issue a total of three permits, one for each designated area within the city, as outlined in Section 33-7 (a). One license will be designated for the northern region, one license for the region between Baseline and Valley, and the last license for the southern region.

To work with our team for your cannabis application preparation, please reach out with the form at the end of this article to apply for your cannabis license in Fontana.



Allowable Uses

  • Storefront Retail
  • Ancillary delivery (with storefront retail)


  • 3 Retail Licenses
  • Only delivery is allowed as an ancillary use with a storefront retail license

License Caps

  • 3 Retail Licenses
  • One may be issued for the North Area, one may be issued for the Central Area and one may be issued for the South Area based on the boundaries of the Commercial Cannabis Map.

Land Use Zonings & Proximity Restriction & Sensitive Uses

Reach out to our team for more details on zoning requirements and eligible properties for cannabis real estate in California.

Real estate is not required at the time of initial application, but the city provides a limited 60 day window for winning applicants to secure a location before they lose their spot to another applicant, so we advise you begin your search early. Utilize CREC Maps to visualize opportunities and our real estate procurement services to find the right location for your application. Learn more about how many feet from a school, park, recreation center and more to be in the correct zone.

Cannabis License Application Fee in Fontana, CA

While application fees still are being determined, commercial cannabis business owners can expect to pay between $25,000 and $40,000 to apply. Such a fee will cover the vetting process.


How can I obtain a Fontana cannabis license application?

This will most likely be a merit-based process that requires real estate and assistance in preparing the application is crucial in order to be successful.

Our team, has a proven track record in competitive licensing environments, and are available to help you create a winning application. Our primary focus is ensuring the success of our clients, so if you need help preparing your application, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to assist you throughout the process.


Questions and Cannabis Application Support for Fontana, CA

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