Fully Operational Cultivation Manufacturing Business for Sale in Colorado

Aurora, CO, USA


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Asking Price$1,200,000

There are 2 leases for the 5 units. One lease we have renewed until Dec 2025. The other until November 2023. There are options to renew in the leases obviously. The approximate cost of the rent is $14k/mo. It increases on a scale and that’s the average. The lease for the 4 units is due quarterly, the lease for the single unit is monthly. At time of transfer, we would calculate pro-rated rent and add to down payment. If you bought today, that would be $0 since the payment is due Oct 1st. We have already notified the landlords of intent to sell, and they are ready to change the lease names into your business.

For equipment, the facility has 120 HPS lights with new bulbs. There are 5-ton AC’s and large dehumidifiers in each room. There is a plumbing system for nutrients that pumps to each room then feeds to the plants. Everybody likes to do it their own way anyways, but the piping is there. Every room has a bunch of wall mounted fans and ceiling mount for circulation. There are 2 large electronic safes, a camera system for the whole facility, alarm, key badge access, and a network server that manages the internet and things like that. We have cable and satellite with a cellular backup option as well. The whole office area is brand new as of a few months ago with desks and shelves so you can bring customers over.

With the density of plants we have now and the rotation, we easily see $100k/room in revenue. When we have more exotic strains, $130k/room. This is assuming 80lbs and $1200-$1600/lb. With the rotation schedule and 4.5 rooms, that’s monthly revenue. Static monthly expenses now that build out is done, is closer to $40k/mo which includes employees and all the little stuff like insurance, internet, misc repairs, nutrients, utilities, rent, etc. Includes average packaging costs (material and labor) and sales commissions. We budget on 80lbs/room at $1200. We routinely get $1600/lb. And we also generally get more than 80lbs. We have had many harvests right around the 100lbs mark. The strain we sell the best makes good large buds for sale and is very hearty. When you purchase the business you get those strains and plants too. Keep in mind prices are not only highly variable, but seasonal. Right now, is the worst time of year to sell with the outdoor crop coming in. $800/lb is not out of the question if you don’t have a standout product. We focus on the higher end more exotic strains so we aren’t in competition with outdoor grows or high-volume low-quality indoor/greenhouse grows. Obviously you can do whatever in the facility, but that’s what we have it setup as now. We have no set vendor agreements that come with this sale. We have relationships with clients and we will be happy to introduce you to them. We sell to them, they are happy to buy from you or us. But we do NOT want to get into a situation where you expect us to sell all your product. We find the best way to make sure there is no dependency is to just say no. Having said that, we do have an independent sales contractor that works with many companies, including our own, and reps for us in addition to our in-house sales. Most of the vendors we sell to are on NET14 or NET30 terms. We do have some smaller places we do upfront collection. For the business itself we would offer that the seller can carry a loan of up to 50%, that could be paid back in equal installments over a year by the buyer.

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  • For Sale: $1,200,000


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  • Published: November 11, 2021
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