If you are an on-market seller, buyer, or investor of cannabis licenses / real estate now or in the future, than you HAVE to be listed in the CLS!

Did you get an email notification? We are currently reaching out to all contacts who have submitted information to us over the past 5 years and we hope you will take a moment to update your records in the CLS. If you received an email, please click the link to update each of your records or contact us at info@crec.us for support updating your records for the CLS.

If you received an email, click the link to update your record. You can select inactive and put why in more details field or select active and then update all your details to be found in the CLS.

If you did not, you can add your details to the CLS below: 


It is FREE for everyone to add their details to the CLS, to be matched now and in the future.

*Members of the CREC Network have full access to the Cannabis Listing Service and Matching Tools!


The Cannabis Listing Service (CLS) is a proprietary system and private database developed by Cannabis Real Estate Consultants to connect buyers and sellers based on their specific criteria entered in the CREC Portal.

When you add your details to the CLS, you are automatically matched with our current records and with people searching for your interests in the future!

This listing service not only shows viable, certified properties/licenses available for cannabis, but it also shows the buyers who are active and potentially interested in your opportunity. Join us as we scale to better match buyers and sellers in the cannabis industry, privately!


How Do I Access the Research & Matching Tools? Access to the matching tool and other technology is available to CREC Network Member Subscribers. When you submit your details into the CLS it will trigger the matching tool and our agents will contact you with any high quality opportunities. You will now be in the CLS and available for other matches in the future.

All your data has to be correct to make the most out of our matching tool, which uses 6 key data points in an algorithm developed from 5+ years of research in our brokerage. It has been designed to connect our audience with their best potential fits and you can only be matched if you have updated your CLS records. It should only take a few minutes to add your interests.


The CREC Portal and Custom Cannabis Maps allow you to pin point exact locations that will be viable for cannabis operations. There is truly no other tool on the market that provides more information to find eligible properties in a variety of locations.


If you do not have an email notification to click, but want to add your details, use these forms to add your contact info and then complete the second form with your property or buyer details.


Sellers Start Here:

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Buyers Start Here:

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.



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