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Jim Podbielski


Jim started his career in the automotive industry as a chemical engineer working with micro cellular urethane foams in the suspension field. Later working with large scale engineering representative in the automotive industry, he started selling to GM, Ford and Chrysler, representing companies as Mitsubishi, Monsanto of Canada and Findlay industries.

In 1980 he started his own manufacturing consulting company, representing tier 3 automotive companies such as US Farathane, and Mallory Timers. He was responsible for design and procurement, securing contracts and handling quality matters as well as warranty issues.

Later in 2010 he started a financial company buying and leasing busses to the transportation industry while keeping his hands in the automotive industry. He joined Absolute Profit in 2022 after a long work relationship with Absolute Profit.

State: Nationwide
Company: Absolute Profit Company

Business Details on Absolute Profit

We provide comprehensive support from the beginning stages of a project to its successful completion, with a focus on exceptional customer service, strategic vision, business acumen, and accountability. We strive to set an industry standard and look forward to working with you.

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