Mike Goral

Board Member & CREC Directory Member


In 2015, Mike Goral was based in Texas, immersed in the field of public accounting. During this time, he recognized the impending nationwide legalization of cannabis, foreseeing a critical need for tax professionals to support the maturation of this growing industry.

Taking decisive action, Mike relocated from Texas to California to self-educate on the cannabis industry and its taxation dynamics.

This educational journey culminated in Mike’s significant collaboration with Thomson Reuters, where he contributed to the writing of a comprehensive treatise on multi-state cannabis taxation. This endeavor positioned him as an authority in this intricate legal domain.

As the current leader of Armanino’s Cannabis Tax Group, Mike regularly travels between the East and West Coasts, witnessing the rapid expansion of the cannabis industry nationwide. Leveraging his expertise as a tax law professional in this field, Mike provides crucial business guidance to cannabis leaders, facilitating their growth, public offerings, or strategic sales.

Mike invites inquiries, encouraging individuals to connect and explore potential partnerships to support the growth and stability of their cannabis businesses.