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Real Estate Auctions Zoned for Cannabis Businesses

Real estate auctions are a proven way to MAXIMIZE ROI on assets and we have launched our new platform for cannabis real estate specific auctions. Watch the webinar below and reach out to get started.

We’re extremely pleased to announce we have partnered with The Future of Real Estate (FRE) to provide a managed auction solution for our clients. FRE is a 40 year veteran in the real estate auction field and have sold billions of dollars in real estate across the U.S. and worldwide.

As a team, we’ll fast-track your goals in 2021 while maximizing market value for approved properties, eligible properties, and investment opportunities.

Every property we list has been reviewed and approved for cannabis use within the the local and state regulations. Contact us for details on how to also acquire licensing with the real estate auction.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: How Cannabis Real Estate Auctions Maximize ROI

Featuring William Lange of FRE and Miklos Campuzano of CREC.

Learn the ins and outs of auctioning properties online to maximize ROI. Find out the best practices for auction, types of properties best fit, and how auctions leverage an eligible cannabis asset to maximize your investment.

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